MicroDesk MDSS Regular Inline Writing Platform

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  • Surface dimensions:  22"W x 12"D ( 560mm wide x 310mm deep)
  • Front height adjusts 3" to 3 3/4" - (75mm to 95mm)
  • Rear height adjusts from 6" to 7 1/2" ( 150mm to 190mm)
  • Paper ledge supplied in two heights: 3/4" (20mm) and 1/4" (8mm)
  • Include a non-slip line guide for use with spread sheets
  • Are made in New Zealand from quality materials


  • Weight - 1.52 Kg (3 lbs 6 oz) in carton for Regular. Weight 1.46 kgs (3 lbs 4oz) in carton for Step
  • Also useful on a single surface desk where monitor screen is placed low for shorter people or for those with graduated lens reading glasses
  • Maximizes desk space
  • Maintains relaxed upper body posture whilst writing, reading and typing
  • Easy height and slope adjustment for individual sizing
  • Allows easy access to keyboard and paperwork at all times


When you’re stretching and twisting at your desk you can strain your spine, neck and shoulder areas. Performing simultaneous keyboard and paperwork activities with poor body positions leads to troublesome aches and pains. This is why physiotherapist Sarah Mahoney developed the MicroDesk inline writing platform. With a MicroDesk above your keyboard your papers are directly in front of you so you can read, type and write without stretching and straining.

MicroDesk MD-SS Regular writing platform is for use with a flat desk top. Step MicroDesk Writing Platform is for use with a keyboard tray or on a level desk when monitor position is low.

Other benefits include:

  • Stops aches and pains caused from twisting when writing to the side of the keyboard
  • Centres paper work in line above the rear of the keyboard
  • Makes a stable, adjustable work surface - excellent for writing and reading with computer work
  • Continuous access to keyboard as you write
  • Clear, transparent surface
  • Organizes your workspace
  • Increases work comfort and decreases muscle strain
  • Comes with a non slip ruler/guideline with all models

Product Options/Accessories

Model MDSS
Manufacturer MicroDesk
Part Number MDSS
Surface Dimension 560 mm W x 310 mm D (22"W x 12"D)
Adjustments Front height adjusts from 75 mm-95 mm (3"-3¾") and Rear height adjusts from 150 mm-190 mm ( 6"-7½") for Regular. Front height adjusts from 80 mm-125 mm (3"-5") and Rear height adjusts from 80 mm-125 mm (3"-5") for Step
Weight 1.52 Kg (3 lbs 6 oz) in carton for Regular. 1.46 kgs (3 lbs 4oz) in carton for Step
Height Range Paper ledge supplied in two heights: 20 mm (3/4") and 8 mm (1/4")

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Product review

by Wanda T., North Dakota, Mar 24, 2014

This is a great product we have several people in our office that use this and they just love it. Thanks