Innovative 9110-8460 Wire Shelving Monitor Mount

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Part Numbers Description
9110-8460 Weight range up to 45 lbs
9110-8460-4 Extension up to 7.8", Weight range up to 38 lbs
9110-8460-8.5 Extension up to 11.4", Weight range up to 28 lbs
9110-8460-8.5-4 Extension up to 14.9", Weight range up to 22 lbs
9110-8460-8.5-8.5 Extension up to 18.4", Weight range up to 18 lbs


Innovative 9110-8460 is a secure wire shelving monitor mount bracket that provides the flexibility to tilt, pivot, and rotate the flat panel monitor.

The 9110-8460 monitor mounting bracket is ideal for hanging monitors in IT server rooms, food service areas or industrial spaces that use wire shelving or racks. Secure the monitor to a 1" diameter wire shelf post using this mounting bracket. The 9110-8460 offers tilt, rotation and pivoting of monitor.

Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing for Innovative 9110-8460 Wire Shelving Monitor Mount

Technical Specifications

Color 104 - Vista Black
Monitor Pivot Landscape to portrait
Monitor Tilt Up to 180°
Monitor Compatibility VESA 100mm
Mounting Options Wire Shelving
Monitor Weight 18 - 45 lbs


  • This combination provides effortless monitor adjustability with a mount that secures anywhere along a wire shelf post of 1" diameter

  • 9110-8460-4 includes an articulating arm; increases extension up to 7.8". 9110-8460-8.5 includes a long-reach articulating arm; increases extension up to 11.4". 9110-8460-8.5-4 includes two articulating arms; increases extension up to 14.9". 9110-8460-8.5-8.5 includes two long-reach articulating arms; increases extension up to 18.4"

  • The 9110-8460 mounting bracket offers adjustable tension at joints

  • Bracket enables tilt, rotate and pivot of monitor

  • This mounting bracket is VESA-monitor compatible - 100mm VESA adapter included; please call for non-VESA options

  • Optional Secure iPad Holder available

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I need a wire shelf mounting device that can house a monitor using VESA-compatible mount kit (100 mm x 100 mm). I would also need a keyboard/mouse mount for a wire shelf as well. 9110-8460 Wire Shelving Monitor Mount has an option for keyboard tray. Does this tray need its own mounting arm or can this connect with the monitor mount as well? Answer: You have two options to add a keyboard tray to your Innovative 9110-8460 Wire Shelving Monitor Mount. The Innovative 8085 Left or Right Handed Keyboard Tray uses an entire arm while the Innovative 8209 Flip-Up Keyboard Tray will attach to the Wire Shelving Monitor Mount but also leaves open 75x75 and 100x100 mounting pattern holes to add a monitor. Keep in mind the Innovative 8209 Flip-Up Keyboard Tray adds 9 lbs so this number of 9 lbs would need to be deducted from the maximum weight capacity of whichever arm+extension configuration you chose.
Model 9110-8460
Manufacturer Innovative LCD Arms
Part Number 9110-8460
Color 104 - Vista Black
Tilt Up to 180 degree
Mounting Pattern VESA 75mm and 100mm
Mounting Options Pole
Monitor Arm Types 1 Monitor
Number of Monitors 1 Monitor
Weight Capacity 9110-8460: 45 lbs, 9110-8460-4: 38 lbs, 9110-8460-8.5: 28 lbs, 9110-8460-8.5-4: 22 lbs, 9110-8460-8.5-8.5: 18 lbs

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Innovative 9110-8460 Wire Shelving Monitor Mount


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