Office Master AF529 Affirm High-Back Executive Chair with Headrest

AF529 is custom-made and non-returnable. All fabric colors shown on your computer screen are approximate depending on resolution of your monitor.

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  • High-Back Executive Chair
  • Headrest Version of Office Master AF528
  • 5 stage of locking tilt; locks the back seat in 5 different position from low to medium and high
  • Side-mounted tension knob
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Synchronous tilt mechanism that lets you rock in the chair with feet on the ground
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • 12 year limited warranty

NOTE: All chair/arm animations shown are approximate representations; your actual chair/arm may vary significantly in features and appearance. The above video demonstrates general adjustment capabilities which vary depending on the model of the chair. The actual functions & appearance of your chair/arm may differ significantly from the video & illustration shown above. For a list of actual capabilities, please see the features list below or call and ask one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives at 1-888-456-3746. (Some options are available as an upgrade option and must be selected at time of purchase).


Office Master AF529 is an executive High Back with Head Rest Night show in Nightfall Black Mesh, JR-69, standard polished aluminum package, and dual color soft casters (additional charges may apply).

Affirm’s modern, sleek, frameless mesh design evinces the confidence to fit in to any workspace - whether a tech start-up, a healthcare environment, an educational facility, an architectural firm or a more traditional office place it’s the perfect combination of class and comfort.

One of the salient features of this chair is its synchronous tilt mechanism. This mechanism reduces the seat rise when you lean back in the chair.  This means, that when the back is reclined 2 inches, the seat is raised by only 1 inch.  This gives a 2:1 back to seat ratio.  So with the synchronous tilt mechanism, the movement of the backrest is larger than the movement of the seat.  With the standard swivel-tilt mechanism, the back and the seat are fixed together, so when you lean back the seat is raised at the same rate the back is being reclined.  When this happens, the back is reclined 2 inches, and the seat is raised 2 inches.  This give a 1:1 back to seat ratio.

 With synchronous tilt mechanism, you have the ability to rock in the chair, while keeping your feet on the ground. With standard swivel-tilt mechanism, when you lean all the way back in the chair, you can prop your feet on the desk or ottoman!


Overall Width 27"
Overall Height 47" - 58"
Back 21" W x 24" H plus 6" Headrest
Seat 20.5" W x 17.5-20" D
Seat Height 17" - 22"
COM 1 yard
Carton Weight 59 pounds
UPS Weight 101 pounds
Arms Groups AR, 1 and 4
Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Warranty 12 years Limited


  • Executive high back & mesh headrest
  • Pneumatic lift
  • Easy back height adjustment
  • 5-stage locking tilt
  • Synchronous seat/back tilt
  • "Frameless" mesh back design
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Dual-tone oversized soft casters
  • Independent back tilt
  • Side-mounted tension knob
  • Nightfall black mesh is default

Product Options/Accessories

Model AF529
Manufacturer Office Master Chairs
Part Number AF529
Overall Width 27"
Overall Height 47 - 58"
Back 21"w x 24"h plus 6" Headrest
Seat 20.5"w x 17.5 - 20"d
Seat Height 17 - 22"
COM 1 yard
Arms Groups AR, 1 and 4
Warranty 12 year limited
Carton Weight 59 lbs
UPS Weight 101 lbs
Weight Capacity 300 lbs

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Office Master Affirm Executive Synchrotilt Chair Comparison Chart

Office Master AF524 Affirm Mid-Back Executive Chair
Office Master AF528 Affirm High-Back Executive Chair
This item: Affirm AF529 High-Back Executive Chair with Headrest
Overall Height 38.25 - 45.75" 41.5 - 49" 47 - 58"
Overall Width 27" 27" 27"
Back 19.75" W x 20.5" H 21"w x 24"h 21"w x 24"h plus 6" Headrest
Seat 19" W x 17.5-20" D 20.5"w x 17.5 - 20"d 20.5"w x 17.5 - 20"d
Seat Height 17 - 22" 17 - 22" 17 - 22"
  Details Details