Rhino GS-2436Grandstand Anti-Fatigue Mats and Floor Matting

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  • Anti fatigue mat meant for standing tasks in retail, commercial, checkout stands
  • Extremely comfortable, feels like walking on the fresh mowed lawn
  • Do not use with chair legs
  • Best for reducing short term fatigue and discomfort
  • Beveled edge prevents from the curl up

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Black Size 3' x 4', Thick 3/4", Weight 15 lbs



  • Grandstand anti-fatigue matting is part of adjusting to the New Normal, is accommodating older personnel. By 2018, people 55 or older will account for 25% of the workforce and demographics show, we don’t have enough younger people to replace those valuable skills and experience.
  • Grandstand floor mats were developed to provide the ultimate solution for reducing or eliminating short term fatigue and discomfort. The elastic properties of the Integral Skin Polyurethane sponge in combination with the domed top surface, give GrandStand a buoyancy and bounce that resemble the natural springiness of walking on a fresh mowed lawn.
  • The resilient properties of Grandstand anti fatigue mats are incredible. We have 2’X3’ finished mats for samples and your evaluation.
  • Grandstand’s floor mat polyurethane construction provides beveled edges that will never curl up and is available in one piece construction in almost any size and shape.
  • Ideal floor mats for use in industrial, laboratory, pharmaceutical, commercial environments, individual check stands or any longer runs.

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Model GS-2436
Manufacturer Rhino Mats
Part Number GS-2436
Weight lb(s)
Color Black
Thickness 1/2" - 3/4"
Industry Use Industrial/Commercial/Labs

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