Office Master WS16 Low Maintenance Sit-Stand Workstool

  • WS16 is custom-made and non-returnable. All fabric colors shown on your computer screen are approximate depending on resolution of your monitor. 
Product ID 18303


  • A specialty, low maintenance and easy to clean stool
  • Designed for certain applications, where the user needs to take short rests after a long period of standing at work
  • 20 degree tilt mechanism; Angle the seat downward to use the stool for leaning support in semi-seated position such as physician offices, toll booths, labs or factory settings
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Gliders are recommended for this stool
  • If casters are desired, Reverse braking casters are recommended by the manufacturer as they lock when you sit on the chair and minimize the possibility of the stool running away under the user, potentially causing an accident

NOTE: The above video demonstrates general adjustment capabilities which vary depending on the model of the chair. The actual functions & appearance of your chair/arm may differ significantly from the video & illustration shown above. For a list of actual capabilities, please see the features list below or call and ask one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives at 1-888-456-3746. (Some options are available as an upgrade option and must be selected at time of purchase).


Workstools shouldn't require so much attention that adjusting them becomes a job unto itself. Office Master's low-maintenance, easy-to-clean and affordable workstools are the perfect solution for any industrial workplace or specialty application.

In particular, office master WS16 is a great choice because of its unique base and seat tilting feature which make the WS16 a perfect choice for sit/stand applications.

Please note that the WS16 stool is for indoor use only and chemical cleaning is not recommended. For longevity of the stool, avoid round the clock usage that is typical of shift work environments (multiple rotating/consecutive shifts).


Overall Width 23"
Overall Height 26" - 36"
Back N/A
Seat 17" W x 16" D
Seat Height 22.5" - 32.5"
Carton Weight 31 pounds
UPS Weight 33 pounds
Arms N/A
Weight Capacity 250 lbs
Warranty 7 years Limited


  • Pneumatic lift
  • Extra wide tilting seat
  • Unibody ring base
  • Glides
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Optional 8" chrome cylinder available (approx. 19-27")

Product Options/Accessories

Model WS16
Manufacturer Office Master Chairs
Part Number WS16
Overall Width 23"
Overall Height 26 - 36"
Back N/A
Seat 17" W x 16" D
Seat Height 22.5 - 32.5"
Carton Weight 31 lbs
UPS Weight 33 lbs
Arms N/A
Warranty 7 years limited
Weight Capacity 250 lbs

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(4.5 out of 2)

by Amanda B, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, Apr 11, 2016

Exactly what we were looking for.

Almost a geat product

by Michael H, Washington, Nov 12, 2015

The chair/stool works well for but I wish it had a foot rest attached...

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