Innovative STX-01S Staxx Single Monitor Mount

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Innovative STX-01S Staxx Single Monitor Mount
Innovative STX-01S Staxx Single Monitor Mount
Innovative STX-01S Staxx Single Monitor Mount
Innovative STX-01S Staxx Single Monitor Mount
Innovative STX-01S Staxx Single Monitor Mount
Innovative STX-01S Staxx Single Monitor Mount


Innovative's modular display system, Staxx, is a completely configurable pole based system that supports up to six monitors. Once your system is locked into place at the desired height using the new anti-rotation clip and collar, a single modular component can support anywhere from one tilter head to several different combinations of arms and up to six monitors.

Introducing Staxx - Modularity. Flexibility. Simplicity

  • Scalable Solution - Staxx is easy to install and reconfigure, more monitors can be added by simply adding more of the same parts.

  • Large Screen Sizes Welcome - Staxx is capable of mounting a single monitor up to 50" or three monitors, up to 30" wide, side-by-side.

  • Independent Monitor Adjustment - Flexible extension arms allow you to position the monitors for your perfect viewing angle.

  • Small Footprint, Big Capabilities - Designed for modularity, Staxx can accommodate up to six monitors using a single mount.






Staxx is as sleek as it is functional. It supports up to six monitors to a solid mount that requires little desk space.

Workspace configurations are continually changing and evolving. Staxx makes it easy to adapt to your changing needs with little time or effort.

Staxx allows you to work and feel better throughout the day by making it easy to create your perfect viewing position. Independent monitor tilt, pivot, and rotation gives you control to work in comfort.

Mount one monitor with Innovative STX-01S Staxx. This single monitor stand can support a monitor weighing up to 30 lbs. Staxx is shown with a 24", 16:9 monitor.

Please note this monitor arm was updated in January 2022. The manufacturer, Innovative Design Works, has upgraded two separate parts.

Tilter A tilter is part of the adjustable monitor arm that attaches to the back of your monitor and allows the monitor to rotate, pivot, and tilt to the desired position. The standard tilter 8336 has been replaced with Next Gen Tilter 8500 in this monitor arm. The new tilter is slim, sleek, and easy to install and release, thanks to its quick-release bracket. It has a weight capacity of 30 lbs and is offered with both 75mm and 100 mm VESA patterns.

Innovative 8500 Quick Release Monitor Tilter
8500 Quick Release Monitor Tilter
Innovative 8336 Standard Monitor Tilter Head
8336 Standard Monitor Tilter

Mount – The mount is the part that attaches the monitor arm to the desk or wall. The new mount, Innovative 8524, is called a Top Down mount. It functions as a clamp or grommet mount for desk installation and allows you to install the arm from above the desk without having to crawl underneath the desk to tighten and also facilitates installations where the desk or mounting surface is against a wall. The FLEXmount, shown below, offers 6 mounting options including desk edge, wall mount, thru-desk, side bolt, grommet and reverse wall mount. Please see Mounting Options.

8524 Top Down Mount

Innovative 8524 Top Down Mount


Innovative FLEXmount


Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing for Innovative STX-01S Staxx Single Monitor Mount


Color 104 - Vista Black, 124 - Silver and 248 - Flat White
Screen Size Up to 50"
Extension Range 5.3"
Monitor Pivot Landscape / Portrait
Rotation One rotation joint
Tilt 190 degrees
Mount Configurations Top Down Mount includes desk edge and grommet mount
VESA Compatibility75mm and 100mm adapter included
Warranty 10 Years
Pole Height 14"
Weight Capacity Up to 30 lbs (13.6 kg)


  • Friction control system provides smooth adjustment while adjusting the position of the monitor

  • Provides 190 degrees of monitor tilt

  • Adjust height of monitors on pole in 1" increments

  • VESA-monitor compatible - 75mm and 100mm VESA quick-release adapter included

  • 10 year warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

q I purchased the STX-01S to mount my Samsung CHG90, which weighs 24 lbs (without stand) and is less than 50" in size. I also purchased the 12" extension arm to go with this unit. The monitor, when mounted directly on the base pole, works fine. I was told that the extension arm would work and that it could support the weight. But it wasn’t happening. Moving the center of gravity for the monitor 12 inches laterally was too much for the base, even when clamped to the desk.

As long as the monitor is less than 30 pounds and less than 50” in size, it will work with a STX-01S. Adding an extension arm changes the moment load. In other words the further away from the pole you go the less weight it can bear as the monitor “feels” heavier to the mount. For this product the mount and pole will not fail even at full capacity. With the 50” monitor at 30 pounds you may experience lean but the unit will not fail with any of the three extension arms shown as accessories on the page. In other words the monitor would feel heavier to the pole causing lean, but the lean would be within spec.

Model STX-01S
Manufacturer Innovative LCD Arms
Part Number STX-01S
Color 104 - Vista Black, 124 - Silver and 248 - Flat White
Weight Capacity Up to 30 lbs (13.6 kg)
Monitor Size Up to 50
Pole Length 14
Tilt 190 degree
Number of Monitors 1 Monitor
Mounting Pattern VESA 75mm, 100mm Quick-Release
Warranty 10 year
Mounting Options Desk Edge, Grommet
Pivot Landscape to Portrait
Extension 5.3

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