Long Reach Wall Mounted Laptop Arm EDL-1205W

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  • Reduces back pain and eye stress
  • Wall Mounted
  • Laptop lifting/extending arm
  • Horizontal reach: 34"
  • Up-down movement: 13"
  • Weight Capacity: 12 lbs
  • Prevents laptop from sliding
  • Articulates side-to-side
  • Other Wall Mount Laptop Arms?

Laptops were designed for convenience and portability, but these features also mean laptops are not ergonomic. Often, laptop users suffer from back pain and eye stress because they must work on their laptop in a hunched-over position. The EDL-1205W is a long reach height adjustable laptop arm that makes laptop use more ergonomic. This extended laptop arm mounts on the wall, and offers 34" of horizontal reach and 13" of up and down movement. These flexible adjustments allow you to adjust your laptop to an ideal ergonomic height and distance from the wall.

Bring content closer to you to prevent straining your eyes, or swing the laptop left and right to easily share your screen with others. This laptop lifting arm is ideal for tight spaces where a desk cannot easily fit but computer work is necessary. Public spaces like libraries or check-in areas will also benefit from a wall mounted laptop arm.

This extended laptop arm can mount a laptop weighing up to 12 lbs, and folds back against the wall when not in use. You can keep your laptop stable with its non-slip rubber pad or velcro strips that attach your laptop to the holder, and prevent sliding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

q Does this product come with everything you need to mount it? Does it come with the tray the laptop sits on?

This long reach arm comes with a wall mount base, laptop arm along with its extension and the tray that the laptop sits on. The tray holds laptop with a non-slip rubber pad to prevent slipping.

Model EDL-1205W
Manufacturer Ergodirect
Part Number EDL-1205W
Color Polished aluminum
Horizontal Range 34"
Lift 13 in
Laptop Weight Capacity 12 lbs
Mounting Options Wall

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