Long Reach Monitor Arm for Dental Offices EDM-1204W

Product ID 18746


  • Great for dental operatory
  • Wall mounted to save space
  • Relieves eye strain
  • Horizontal reach: 34"
  • Up-down movement: 13"
  • Weight capacity: 5-15 lbs
  • Fits monitors up to 32"

Dental operatory space must be used wisely. Make the most of it with a long reach monitor arm like EDM-1204W. This dental monitor mount has a 34" horizontal reach from the wall, but folds completely away against the wall when not in use. Using a long reach arm to bring content closer helps relieve eye strain, and makes it easy to share small detailed content with patients.

This dental chair monitor arm offers 13" of up and down movement, and an easy-to-grasp under monitor handle to make it easy to reposition the display while you work. (A dental monitor arm handle is also easier to clean and disinfect compared to the monitor itself!) Mount a monitor 5 to 15 lbs with a screen up to 32" with this dental operatory computer mount to keep content exactly where you need it.

Available in black, this aesthetically pleasing dental monitor arm will fit the interior of any modern dental office. Its excellent cable management system will also help keep you organized and safe as you work over the dental chair.

Product Options/Accessories

Model EDM-1204W
Manufacturer Ergodirect
Part Number EDM-1204W
Color Polished aluminum
Lift 13 in
Horizontal Adjustment 34 in
Weight Capacity 5-15 lbs

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