Single Monitor Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation Black - ErgoDirect EDW-3202D

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  • Converts existing desk into standing desk
  • Alternate between sitting and standing 
  • Mounts a monitor up to 24" or 30"
  • Choose between monitor weight capacity for LD kit: 6-16 lbs and HD kit: 16-28 lbs 
  • Minimum monitor height adjustment - 15", Maximum height adjustment - 20"
  • Workstation footprint: Wide - 37.5" x 23", Standard -  35" x 23"
  • Fits on desk 24" deep or larger 
  • Looking for a dual monitor workstation?

Standing desk converters are placed directly onto existing desks to turn them into standing desks. EDW-3203D encourages a sit-stand work style by making it easy to switch between sitting and standing throughout your day.

Simply squeeze the locks on either side of the workstation desktop and pull the workstation straight up or down as needed. Unlike some of the other popular desk risers on the market, the EDW-3203D does not need to be pulled forward out of its footprint. The user will not be forced into a bent-over posture that is not ergonomic in order to reposition the workstation.

This adjustable workstation can mount a monitor up to 24" or 30", weighing between 6-16 lbs or 16-28 lbs, depending on the monitor kit you choose. A 37.5" x 23" footprint makes this sit-stand workstation great for desks 24" or larger. Add this adjustable desk converter to your home or business office. A simple professional design and simple installation mean you'll be standing in no time. This product is available in black and white.

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Model EDW-3202D
Manufacturer Ergodirect

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