About ErgoDirect

Ergodirect was founded in 2002 with a simple notion—to free users from the pain associated with poorly designed work environments. Since then, we have grown to become the leading online exclusive providers for ergonomic products and solutions.

We are driven to help office staff and home office users become more productive, safer, and healthier. We have provided product to tens of thousands of clients including many Fortune 500, top universities, government agencies and rapidly growing ergonomically designed home offices. We help these spaces have the most innovative, productive and safe ergonomic solutions available; all so that our client’s staffs have a higher quality of life. We deliver cost-effective ergonomic workplace solutions designed to minimize injury, promote productivity, and optimize human well-being.

Office Design

ErgoDirect pays special attention to aesthetic design and how it affects employees’ comfort, motivation level and their uplifting experience at work.

At the same time, we emphasize highly on ergonomic office design to bring health & safety, comfort and productivity to workplaces.

Ergonomic Products

ErgoDirect offers a large variety of ergonomic solutions ranging from office workspaces to home offices. We carry over 10,000 ergonomic office products including ergonomic office chairs, sit/stand desks and desk converters, and height adjustable benching (with special attention to acoustics and excessive office noise and ergonomic lighting in the workplace). We believe a good office design and carefully selected ergonomic products are the key components of the perfect office setup.

Ergonomic Services

Ergodirect offers ergonomic assessment services where we analyze human and system interactions, identify existing and potential problems, and design optimal workstation environments. In addition, we provide office design consultation services to assure productive and safe environments for your staff and visitors.

Broad Ergonomic Coverage

ErgoDirect has become a leader in Ergonomic solutions both nationwide and globally. We are headquartered close to the heart of Silicon Valley in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. And have access to cater all industry segments including commercial, education, healthcare, technology and government. We provide ergonomic products and solutions to all 50 states and many countries.

Award Winning Customer Service

In addition to workplace analyses and design, Ergodirect prides itself on providing unparalleled customer service. The fact that thousands of our loyal customers continue working with us over and over again for many years is the result of our dedicated and knowledgeable customer service effort. We support our customers before, during and especially after orders are processed.

The Ergodirect office design and products experts team procures system components, manages the workplace set-up, and offers education and training in system use for optimal productivity and work-health habits.

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