About ErgoDirect

ErgoDirect delivers cost-effective ergonomic workplace solutions designed to minimize injuries, promote productivity, and optimize human well-being. We offer a large variety of ergonomic products ranging from sit-stand workstations, height adjustable desks, monitor mounts and ergonomic accessories.

Founded in 2002 by Nick Moshiri, Information Technology Specialist, ErgoDirect analyzes human/system interactions, identifies existing and potential problems, and designs optimal workstation environments that utilize both simple and sophisticated tools and systems.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, ErgoDirect has become a worldwide industry leader. ErgoDirect is a full service company providing ergonomic solutions to all segments including commercial, education, healthcare, technology and goverment.

In addition to workplace analyses and design, ErgoDirect prides itself in unparalleled customer service. The ErgoDirect Team procures system components, manages the workplace set-up, and offers education and training in system use for optimal productivity and work-health habits.

About the Founder

As an Information Technology Specialist, Nick Moshiri initially focused on solving computer problems. In the course of client visits, however, he heard stories from computer users complaining of backaches, wrist pain, shoulder pain and tingling fingers. He recognized systemic issues in user/interface interactions, primarily caused by repetitive motion, misaligned computer workplace setups, and extensive use of poorly designed computer accessories. He was determined to find a solution.

ErgoDirect was born of a simple notion—to free computer users from pain associated with poorly designed workplace stations. While looking for solutions, Nick Moshiri also discovered the value of ergonomics in everyday life. He began to create ergonomic awareness programs and introduced healthy concepts to his customers, both in the workplace and at home.