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Contour Design RollerMouse FREE2 Ergonomic Mouse

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Contour Design RollerMouse Free2 Ergonomic Mouse


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Contour Design RollerMouse Free2 Ergonomic Mouse 


Contour Design RollerMouse Free2



Contour Design RollerMouse Free2






Contour Design RollerMouse Free2 Features:

    1.  Ultra-low ergonomic height:

With a height of only ¾ inches, RollerMouse Free2 allows your hands and arms to lie flat, giving you a more comfortable ergonomic position.


    2.  Fully open rollerbar:

Promotes the use of both hands to encourage movement variations reducing the risk of injuring your dominant "mousing" hand.


    3.  Quick and easy cursor speed and precision selection:

With a single touch of a button, choose between five cursor speeds and achieve ultimate precision with the 1600 dpi setting.


    4.  Fits all keyboard heights:

Risers allow you to achieve the preferred height and angle for your optimal working comfort.






RollerMouse Free2 A better way to work:

  • Work safer and faster.  Less physical strain and improved precision help you work more productively.

  • Get in an ergonomic position.  Everything you need is placed right in front of you.

  • Two hands are better than one.  Using both hands helps avoid discomfort and prevent pain by varying your position.



Central pointing device with rollerbar cursor steering




Tracking Method Optical motion sensor
Integrated wrist rests Yes
Detachable wrist rests Yes
Material on wrist rests Durable leatherette
Suitable for stationary work space Yes
Suitable for narrow work space Yes
Suitable for laptop and compact keyboards Yes
Cursor speed precision (dpi) 800/1000/1200/1400/1600
Cursor speed selection By the touch of a button
Buttons/Functions 8
Scroll wheel type Wide, free flow motion
Keyboard risers Multi height and angle adjustment
Keyboard risers, optional position for small keyboards Yes
Unique, fully open rollerbar Yes
Rollerbar width, accessable 9.75 in
Rollerbar below typing position Yes
Adjustable rollerbar click response Yes
Connection Cable - USB
Width 17.5 in
Height 0.75 in
Depth (with keyboard risers) 3.5 in (9.5 in)
Installation Plug-and-play
Driver needed No
Colour options Black or White
Warranty 2 years from date of purchase
Compatibility PC or Mac
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP/ME/98/2008/2003/2000/NT 4.0, Apple OSX, Apple Mac OS 8.1 or newer





A proven ergonomic concept:

More than half a million users already enjoy a more ergonomic workspace thanks to Contour Design's RollerMouse.  Their feedback has shaped the innovative design of RollerMouse Free2.  

RollerMouse Free2's design carries on the excellence of its predecessor, RollerMouse Free, which has won accolades around the world including the National Ergonomics Conference Attendee's Choice Award for Best New Product.





Description of Contour Design RollerMouse Free2:

A slim ergonomic mouse alternative that reduces pain associated with mousing, the RollerMouse Free2 is based on our ergonomic expertise and inspired by users creating a modern ergonomic design with ultra high prescision and quality.  RollerMouse Free2 helps to eliminate reaching for a traditional mouse: relieving neck, shoulder, elbow, and wrist pain.  There is no gripping necessary, thus avoiding the threat of repetitive strain injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis.




Key Functions of RollerMouse Free2:

Popular and often used button are easy reach.  Eight pre-programmed button functions reduce unnecessary and harmful micro movements.

  • Rollerbar.  Roll the bar up, down and sideways to move the cursor.  Use both hands for better variations and flexibility with the fully open rollerbar.

  • Copy.  the "one touch" copy function.

  • Left click.  Use the large left button to left click.

  • Quick and easy speed selection.  Get high precision with a click.  Choose between five cursor speeds ranging from 800 dpi to 1600dpi.

  • Scroll wheel.  A new, wider, rubber coated scroll wheel makes the click function even easier and smoother.  Move up and down, middle click and auto-scroll lock.

  • Double click.  Get two clicks in one with the "one touch" double click.

  • Right click.  Use the large right button to right click.

  • Paste.  The "one touch" paste button.






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Contour Design RollerMouse Free2




Contour Design RollerMouse Free2




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Model RM-Free2
Manufacturer Contour Design
Part Number RM-Free2

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Contour Design RollerMouse FREE2 Ergonomic Mouse