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Humanscale KM Adjustable Arm Keyboard Mechanism

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Humanscale KM Adjustable Keyboard Arm Mechanism


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Humanscale KM Adjustable Keyboard Arm Mechanism


Humanscale KM Adjustable Keyboard Arm Mechanism





Features of Humanscale KM Arm:

    1.  Height Adjustment 6 1/4" (1 1/4" above track to 5" below track)


    2.  Base Swivel 360 degree


    3.  Standard Track Length 21 3/4"


    4.  Alternate Track Lengths 16" and 18"


    5.  End of Track to Beginning of Platform 6"

    6.  Max Depth Below Bottom of Keyboard 1/2"





Description of Humanscale KM Mechanism:

The Standard Pre-set Tilt Arm offers total knee clearance, knob free adjustment and 0 degree tilt.

Humanscale offers nine award-winning, negative-tilt mechanism options, from our original standard-bearer, the 2G, to our latest 5G, which combines easy dial-a-tilt and height adjustability with the strongest, most stable arm on the market. All of our mechanisms encourage low-risk typing postures and feature easy and intuitive adjustability.




The Neutral Reach Zone is the area that can be conveniently reached with a sweep of the forearm while the upper arm hangs in a natural position at the side. (Sanders & McCormick, 1993)

Unlike older generation keyboard/mouse solutions, our platforms are designed to ensure that nearly all users are able to work consistently within their Neutral Reach Zone, and thus maintain a low-risk, sustainable posture.

Neutral Reach Zone





Option 1: Tracks

Refers to the under-desk mounted track that the mechanism slides along. Measure the amount of flat space you have on the under-side (from front to back of your desk) to determine which track length best suits you. The longer the track you are able to fit, the farther underneath the desk you will be able to slide the platform. The track measures 5 1/2" in width and is available in seven lengths:


11" Track

For real small Desks at least 11" deep "from front to back"

14" Track

For real small Desks at least 14" deep "from front to back"

16" Track

For real small Desks at least 16" deep "from front to back"

18" Track

For smaller Desks at least 18" deep "measure from front to back"

21 3/4" Track (Standard)

For use with 22" deep Desks "measure from front to back"

25" Track

For deeper Desks with up to 25" depth "from front to back"

27" Track

For real deep Desks with up to 27" depth "from front to back"




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Humanscale KM Adjustable Keyboard Arm Mechanism  - Installation Instructions

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Humanscale KM Adjustable Arm Keyboard Mechanism