Humanscale Swivel Mouse Platform

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Humanscale 11D Dual Swivel Mouse Platform

Swivel Mouse - 11D Platforms "for both hands"

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Humanscale 11R Swivel right Mouse Platform

Humanscale Swivel Mouse platform swivels 360 degree UNDER the keyboard tray


Attached to our standard keyboard platform, which is designed to support nearly all standard keyboards, the swivel mouse provides a wide range of adjustability within the Neutral Reach Zone. 8 or 10-inch platforms are available in left, right and dual positions.

From our original Swivel Mouse to our best-in-class Clip Mouse - which features height, depth and lateral adjustability, and can easily be moved to support left- or right-handed mousing - Humanscale’s mouse options will keep you mousing in comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does this mouse platform attach to the keyboard tray? Answer: For swivel model, you would need to drill a hole for the installation.
Question: Does this mouse platform come with screws and so forth for attachment? Answer: This unit does not come with screws for attachment. Any standard screw and bolt will work and can be easily purchased at any hardware store.
Model 11R, 11L, 11D, 12R, 12L, 12D
Manufacturer Humanscale
Part Number 11R, 11L, 11D, 12R, 12L, 12D

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Humanscale Swivel Mouse Platform