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Goldtouch GTU-MACW Apple Mac USB Adjustable Split Ergonomic Keyboard

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Goldtouch GTU MACW Mac Adjustable USB Split  Ergonomic Keyboard


Goldtouch GTU-MACW Mac Adjustable USB Split Ergonomic Keyboard

Size: 15" Wide in closed position ( not split) and 7 " High





Features and Benefits of Goldtouch GTUMACW:

    1.  USB connector

    2.  Adjustment for wrist splay in the horizontal plan: 0° - 30° continuously variable

    3.  Adjustment for wrist pronation - vertical tenting 0° - 30° continuously variable

    4.  Easily adjusted, locking ball and socket latch mechanism.

    5.  Small, space saving foot-print to bring your mouse inside your ergonomic "comfort zone".

    6.  Editing key layout for left-right work distribution

    7.  Large space bars for easy thumb use

    8.  Full size, full travel, tactile feedback keys with soft end-stop.

    9.  Low noise key actuation

  10.  Standard alphanumeric key layout (QWERTY)

  11.  Compatible with Mac OS 10.3 and above

  12.  Ease of use and intuitive design allow new users to adjust the keyboard to a comfortable typing position without additional accessories or attachments.

  13.  Soft key touch, low activation force and full key travel distance provides keying comfort and reduces risk from "bottoming out" when keying.

  14.  Compact size allows for use in limited space environments, and reduces shoulder abduction when reaching for mice and other peripherals.





Description of Goldtouch GTU-MACW:

The Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard allows you to adjust the two alphanumeric sections both horizontally and vertically to suit your individual body requirements. This helps you assume a more natural posture that is conducive to improving comfort and productivity while using your computer.

Now all Mac users can benefit from a keyboard specifically addressing their needs. The Goldtouch for Mac remains the only keyboard designed to properly straighten the wrists and arms without extra accessories or attachments.

Because a Goldtouch keyboard is designed to fit the range of body types, not just an average, the standard Goldtouch for Mac Adjustable Keyboard is the only keyboard designed to properly straighten the wrists and arms while aligning with the shoulders to achieve a neutral typing posture.

No other keyboard allows for the range of adjustability as a Goldtouch for Mac Adjustable keyboard.


Apple Key Features:

  • Apple Control Key
  • Right and Left Apple and Option Keys
  • CD Eject
  • Mute and Volume Control






Activation Key Force:

40 g - 45 g average

Travel Distance:

4 mm, +/- 0.5 mm


3.3 lbs





VS1 Goldtouch Study Highlights:

Recent Feedback on GoldTouch Keyboards:

  • “I think that the Goldtouch is a superior product compared to the Kinesis Maxim board because it promotes good keying technique of not resting the palms, the adjustability and manipulation of the angle of the board is easy to figure out, it follows good human factors design principles due to the "one lever" option therefore facilitating the ease to customize the fit to the user's stature and needs”.

  • "I like the newer Goldtouch design because the keys are soft like a laptop".   

  • "There are no other boards that I like as much as the Goldtouch and I have tried most of them."

  • The Kinesis Maxim board and the Goldtouch board are the same length but the Goldtouch board is smaller in depth therefore making it more innate to include with a laptop as an external peripheral". 

  • "The interface is intuitive compared to the Kinesis Maxim board" (the adjustment handle for the Goldtouch board).  

  • “The Goldtouch affords greater range of motion for hand and wrist positions encouraging neutral wrist postures with keying tasks".

Recent Study Results:

  • In a blind study of twenty government employees who began using the Goldtouch board in replacement of the QWERTY keyboard in their office setting, all users, with the exception of one user, innately figured out how to position the Goldtouch board to fit their comfort level without instruction and/or explanation.

  • Neutral hand postures were obtained with 19 of the 20 users without explanation of how to avoid  awkward wrist postures (ulnar and radial deviation) with keying providing support for innate keyboard design.

Literature (Please open the following documents for more technical information)


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Goldtouch GTU-MACW Mac Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard -  User Guide

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Goldtouch GTUMACW Mac Ergonomic Adjustable Keyboard -  Data Sheet

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Goldtouch GTU MACW Ergonomic Split Adjustable Keyboard -  VSI Study Highlights

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Goldtouch GTU-MACW Apple Mac USB Adjustable Split Ergonomic Keyboard