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ISE MA2000 Height Adjustable Quad Monitor Arm

Pole Height: 28". Pole Diameter: 1-1/8".

The image below shows a square VESA mount, this has been replaced with a star pattern (scroll below)

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ISE MA2000 Quad LCD Monitor Arm with 28" Height and 1.125" Diameter Pole


General Information


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ISE MA2000 Flat Panel Quad LED Monitor Arm Silver


ISE MA2000 Flat Panel Quad LED Monitor Arm Silver

MA-4-G - Four Monitors Grommet Mount with Long Arms






Four Monitors - Long Arm (Length: 26.5") Pole Height (28") up to 27" Diagonal Monitors


ISE MA-4-C Clamp Mount Long Arm for Four Monitors

MA-4-C - Quad flat panel monitor arm holds four monitors. Extended height pole mount with height adjustable arms. Long length arms. Each arm has five articulation points.


  • Pole mount monitor arm for four monitors.

  • Fits up to 27" diagonal monitors.

  • Height adjustable on the pole using supplied Allen key.

  • Quick connect 75/100 mm VESA mounts.

  • Cable organizers under arms and on pole.

  • Silver finish.


  • Superior adjustability for healthy computing.

  • Improve working comfort.

  • Optimize desk space.

  • Share information for better collaboration.

  • Increase productivity with multiple monitors.




Product Code

Mount Color Arm Length Pole Height Maximum Load


Large Clamp Silver 26.5" 28" 70 lbs


Grommet Silver 26.5" 28" 70 lbs





  • Arms made from die cast aluminum alloy with 90% recycled material content (10% pre-consumer and 80% post-consumer).
  • Mounts made from steel with 90% recycled material content (10% preconsumer and 80% post-consumer).
  • Powder coat finish.



Screen Mounting:


  • Quick connect mount provides speed and convenience when attaching or removing monitors.
  • To attach a monitor, remove Quick connect mount from the arm, and mount it to the monitor using the screws provided. With the monitor attached, simply re-install the Quick connect mount on the arm.
  • Quick connect mounts are interchangeable between MA5000 and MA2000 arms.
  • Adapter plate for 200mm x100mm VESA hole pattern available.



Application Notes:


  • VESA mount rotates 270º for portrait or landscape monitor viewing.
  • VESA mount tilts upwards 180º and downwards 180º for monitor angle adjustment
  • Long arm configuration can fold to 6” to save space
  • Arms are touch-screen compatible.
  • All mounts must be securely attached to worksurfaces, walls etc... ISE is not responsible for improperly installed arms




MA2000 Monitor Arm Components:


Desk Mounts:

Clamp Mount

  • Standard Clamp (MA2000-201B), Large Clamp (MA2000-901AA) and Deep Clamp (C1).

  • Standard clamp mount fits surfaces up to 2.75" thick.

  • Clamp is two-piece, front-fastening to simplify installation in an existing workstation (requires 1/4" clearance between desk and panel or wall for surfaces up to 1.5" thick, 1/2" clearance for surfaces 1.5"-2.75").

  • Turn-handle allows clamp repositioning without tools.

  • Mounts pole to desk

  • Use Standard Clamp with Standard Pole, Large Clamp with Large Pole

  • Silver finish

  • Large clamp is used on models using Large (28") Pole.

  • Deep clamp C1 designed for radius underside surfaces.

ISE MA2000-201B Standard Clamp or MA2000-901AA Large Clamp Desk Mount Silver

Standard Clamp
ISE MA2000 Deep Clamp C1 Mount Deep Clamp C1
Grommet Mount - MA2000-502A
  • Grommet mount fits surfaces up to 1.5” thick. Fastens together using bolt and 3.75” long clamping bar. Grommet base will cover hole up to 2.5” diameter.
  • Mounts pole to desk
  • Use with Standard Pole or Large Pole
  • Silver finish
ISE MA2000-502A Grommet Desk Mount Silver




Large Pole - MA2000-501B

  • 28" height, 1-1/8" diameter.

  • Mounts to Large Clamp or Grommet.

  • Includes cable management clips.

  • Poles include decorative base cover, pole clips, pole cap Extensions include one set of connecting hardware with cable manager.

  • Silver finish

ISE MA2000-501B Large 28" Height and 1-1/8" Diameter Pole Silver






Dual Connector - MA2000-515

  • Use when mounting two monitors.

  • Slide connector onto pole.

  • Height adjustable using supplied Allen key.

  • Silver finish

ISE MA2000-515 Dual Connector





Extension Arms:

Short Extension - MA2000-512

  • Attach to connector or use use with another extension.

  • Maximum two extensions per arm.

  • Silver finish.

ISE MA2000-512 Short Extension


Large Extension - MA2000-513

  • Attach to connector or use use with another extension.

  • Maximum two extensions per arm.

  • Silver finish.

ISE MA2000-513 Large Extension





Monitor Mount:

VESA Mount - MA2000-511Q

  • Quick connect 75/100 mm VESA mount.

  • Attach VESA mount to extension or to connector.

  • Silver finish.

ISE MA2000-511Q VESA Mount





Vertical Slider:

Vertical Slider - MA2000-SLIDER

  • Allows user to raise or lower the monitor over 7" height range

  • Easy manual adjustment

  • Mounts between the monitor and the arm.

  • Accommodates monitor weight of 8.8 lbs - 13.2 lbs.

  • 75 mm VESA mount (if using 100x100 mm adapter plate reduce load capacity by 1.1 lbs)

  • Silver finish.

  • Mounts on MA2000 monitor arms only.

ISE MA2000-SLIDER Vertical Slider with VESA Mount Silver




Literature (Please open the following documents for more technical information)


ISE MA-4-C Quad Monitor Clamp Mount Long Arms - Installation Assembly

- pdf



ISE Logo


Hyperlink of all Monitor Arms



Model MA-4-C, MA-4-G
Manufacturer ISE Ergonomics
Part Number MA-4-C, MA-4-G
Color Silver
Pole Length 28"
Pole Diameter 1-1/8"
Mounting Options Desk
Arms Long L
VESA Quick connect 75/100 mm Vesa mount
Maxi Load Capacity per Arm Using Two Extensions = 17.5 lbs. Using One Extension = 22 lbs. Using VESA Mount only = 26 lbs.
Monitor Arm Types 4 Monitors
Number of Monitors 4 Monitors

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ISE MA2000 Height Adjustable Quad Monitor Arm