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Peerless PRG-EXB Universal PRG Height Adjustable Projector Ceiling or Wall Mount with 12.6–20.6"

Important Note: All projectors with M8 mounting screws require ACC-M8RI inserts for compatibility with any Peerless projector mount
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Peerless PRG-EXB Adjustable Projector Ceiling or Wall Mount

Peerless PRG-EXB PRG Series Adjustable Projector Ceiling or Wall Mount





Dimensional Diagram for Peerless PRG-EXB Projector Ceiling or Wall Mount


Dimensional Diagram for Peerless PRG EXB Projector Ceiling or Wall Mount




PRG Series Adjustable Projector Ceiling or Wall Mount:


Peerless has packaged flexibility and ease together in one box with these ceiling/wall mounting kits, which enable the installation of a projector from either the ceiling or the wall. This all-in-one kit includes the industry’s first precision gear projector mount that delivers precision image alignment with a simple turn of a knob. These comprehensive projector mounting kits also include an adjustable length column that provides ideal height positioning for the perfect projector installation. Concealed within the column is a cable-management channel, assuring a clean and clutter-free appearance.




PRG EXB Description:


This kit combines the precision adjustment capabilities of the PRG projector mount line with a convenient variable-adjustable square column extension kit. Each kit includes the ceiling/mount, extension column and mounting hardware for either ceiling or wall applications. You also get color-coordinated wire slot covers for neat and clean installations.





  • Continuous channel design for uninterrupted drop length or wall extension adjustments

  • Three adjustable extension lengths:

    PRG-EXA models: 8.7"-12.8" (ceiling), 9.72" - 13.86" (wall),

    PRG-EXB models: 12.68"-20.67" (ceiling), 13.74"-21.73" (wall),

    PRG-EXC models: 19.13"-32.91" (ceiling only)

  • Safety catch designed into extension to ensure user and equipment safety

  • Internal cable management channels for clean, clutter-free appearance

  • Mounts to ceiling or wall with included wall mount interface (PRG-EXA and PRG-EXB models only. PRG-EXC is not wall mountable due to its extensive reach)

  • Includes PRG Series projector mount with Precision Gear Alignment ImageLock for precise image alignment: Tilt ±20° Swivel 360° (±15° at projector mount) Roll ±10°

  • Two adjustment knobs control tilt and roll image alignment. Engage using a Phillips screwdriver or extend knobs to align by hand

  • Includes Spider Universal Adapter Plate which extends from 7.1" to 16.55" to fit most projectors

  • Works with standard 4" loops for use with round, square, rectangular or I-Beam truss up to 3" wide x 3 1/2" wide




Product Information:


Model Numbers

PRG-EXB(-S)(-W) -- (Security Version)

Product Specifications







Dimensions (W x H x D)

PRG-EXB(-S)(-W): 6.5"-16.55" x 12.68"-20.67" x 6.5"-16.55"

                           (16.5-42 x 32.2-52.5 x 16.5-42 cm) ceiling;

                           13.74"-21.73" (34.9-55.2 cm) distance from wall

Load Capacity

50 lb (22.68 kg)

Product Weight

PRG-EXB(-S)(-W): 6.99 lb (3.17 kg)


Scratch-resistant fused epoxy

Available Colors

PRG-EXB: Black

PRG-EXB-S: Silver

PRG-EXB-W: White



Package Specifications

Package Contents

Wall/ceiling plate, adjustable extension channels, PRG Series Projector Mount, Spider Universal Adapter Plate, mounting and screen attachment hardware, wall mount interface

Units in Package


Package Size

PRG-EXB-S)(-W): 9.31" x 4.25" x 12.63" (23.7 x 10.8 x 32.1 cm)

Package Ship Weight

PRG-EXB(-S)(-W): 7.93 lb (3.59 kg)

Package UPC Code

PRG-EXB      735029258506

PRG-EXB-S   735029258513

PRG-EXB-W  735029258520


Limited 5-year




Additional Images:









Literature (Please open the following documents for more technical information)


File Type

Peerless PRG-EXB Product Profile

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Peerless PRG-EXB Catalog Page

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Peerless PRG-EXB Technical Data

reader-14.jpg - pdf

Peerless PRG-EXB Installation and Assembly Sheet

reader-14.jpg - pdf











Product Options/Accessories

Peerless ACC-M8RI Threaded Insert ACC-M8RI Threaded Insert $24.56 $20.50
Manufacturer Peerless Mounts
Part Number PRG-EXB or PRG-EXB-S or PRG-EXB-W
UPC 735029258506
Weight 8.00 lb(s)
Mounting Options Ceiling
Mounting Options Wall

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Peerless PRG-EXB Universal PRG Height Adjustable Projector Ceiling or Wall Mount with 12.6–20.6"

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