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Goldtouch GTP-0055 Go Travel Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Silver GTP0055

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A traditional keyboard may cause you to bend your wrists sideways to reach all the keys.

Side bending of the wrist

Side bending of the wrist


Goldtouch GTP-0055 Go Travel Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard

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Goldtouch GTP-0055 Go Travel Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard with laptop



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Goldtouch GTP0055 Go Travel Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard


Goldtouch GTP-0055 Go Travel Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard





Features and Benefits of Goldtouch GTP 0055:

    1.  Adjustability: 0°-30° adjustment for ulnar deviation (wrist splay) in the horizontal plan, combined with 0°-30° adjustment for wrist pronation (vertical tenting).

    2.  Protective Removable Covers: Allows the keyboard to beplaced on the notebook.

    3.  Soft key touch, low activation force and full key travel distance provides keying comfort and reduces risk from “bottoming out” when keying.

    4.  Compact size allows for use in limited space environments, and reduces shoulder abduction when reaching for mice and other peripherals.

    5.  Ease of use and intuitive design allow new users to adjust the keyboard to a comfortable typing position without additional accessories or attachments.

    6.  Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Mac.




Description of Goldtouch GTP-0055:

Offering all the comfort and functionality of the standard Goldtouch keyboard, but in a sleeker and lightweight form factor, the Goldtouch Go! Travel Keyboard is the ONLY compact keyboard that reduces or eliminates risk factors that lead to injury.


At a mere 1.5lbs, the Go! Travel Keyboard allows road warriors and mobile professionals to safely work wherever their jobs take them, and, enjoy all the benefits of the standard Goldtouch when away from their office workstations.

With keys approximately the size of those found on 14” notebooks, the Go! Travel Keyboard can accommodate large fingers and offers similar key feel and travel distance as found on the standard Goldtouch. Other “mini” or “compact” keyboard have key travel that is too short or hard, and causes significant pain from bottoming out.


The compactness of the Go! Travel Keyboard makes better use of limited space environments, and allows for external mice to be placed even closer to the keyboard, reducing shoulder pain and increasing comfort. Remove protective covers and slide them into the lower grove of each side of the keyboard, adjust your keyboard and place your keyboard on top of your notebook key for an instant office on the go! (rubber backing prevents keyboard from slipping off notebook)

Adding to the historical durability and ruggedness of the standard Goldtouch, the Go! Comes with two protective covers that support the Go! During use while reducing exposure to impacts that could lead to key loss when traveling.





Activation Key Force:

40g - 45g average

Travel Distance:

3.2 mm, +/- 0.5 mm


1.5 lbs


13.25” x 6” x 1” (at highest point)





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Model GTP-0055
Manufacturer GoldTouch
Part Number GTP-0055
Connection Type Wired USB

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Goldtouch GTP-0055 Go Travel Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Silver GTP0055