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Humanscale DTECH1E or DTECH2E Diffrient Technology Light Lamp

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Humanscale DTECH1E Single Arm Work Shade Diffrient Technology Ideal Lighting


Humanscale DTECH1E Single Arm with Work Shade Diffrient Technology Ideal Lighting





Workplace convenience and versatility reach new heights with the functional and elegant Diffrient Technology Light

An ideal lighting and power solution for hospitality guestrooms or “hot-desking” environments - shared workspaces utilized by mobile workers - the base of the Diffrient Technology Light by Niels Diffrient features two convenient built-in power outlets for laptop computers, mobile devices, and other powered items. An optional data port for easy internet or LAN access provides another dimension of convenience.


By bringing power and data within convenient reach of the user on the work surface, the Diffrient Technology Light improves user access while eliminating the need for offices and hotels to install extra outlets. Plus, installation is a snap - without the help of an electrician - while unsightly power strips, messy wires, and the under-the-desk hunt for available outlets become a thing of the past.


Based on the design of the multi-award-winning Diffrient Work Light II, the Diffrient Technology Light’s additional benefits include energy efficiency, ergonomic function, engineering precision, and handsome good looks. Its traditional screw-in socket accommodates the latest environmentally conscious compact fluorescent bulbs, which use one-fourth the energy of comparable incandescent bulbs, and last ten times longer.


Boasting one-touch positioning - without the friction knobs and rigid joints found on other task lights -the light may be moved and angled exactly where users need it most. The Diffrient Technology Light is made primarily of eco-friendly recycled aluminum, and features a contemporary, cone-shaped shade. A silver or black finish complements any office or hospitality interior.





Features of Diffrient Technology Light:

Quick Facts:

  • User-friendly design promotes cost and energy savings

  • Award-winning developed by legendary industrial designer Niels Diffrient

  • Five-year warranty


  • Two grounded outlets at fingertip-level in the base
  • Optional CAT5 data port (for internet or LAN connectivity)
  • Long 8-foot cord
  • Versatile E26 screw-in socket for a wide variety of bulb options
  • Perfect internal counterbalance for one-touch positioning
  • Feather-light movement
  • No friction knobs or rigid joints
  • Reinforced plastic reflector shade cuts glare and stays cool
  • 140º vertical and 360º rotational shade adjustability and 360º base rotation allow for infinite adjustability
  • Multiple mounting options, including desktop base, clamp, slatwall, direct wall, direct desk and panel mounting options
  • 20-inch arm reach


  • Contributes to a number of valuable LEED credits
  • UL/cUL/CE certified
  • Designed to use compact fluorescent bulbs, which are 50 - 100% more energy-efficient than LEDs, and 300 - 400% more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs
  • Made of 38% recycled materials
  • 98% recyclable

Bulb Specs:

  • Ships with energy-efficient CFL:

    • 18 or 23 wattss (equivalent light output of 75- or 100-watt incandescent bulb)

    • 3500 K (neutral white color temperature)

    • 10,000-hour life

    • End-of-life logic guards against violent failures

    • No lead glass

    • Rapid start technology

Bulbs Accepted:

  • Up to 26-watt, compact fluorescent bulbs

  • Up to 60-watt, type A incandescent bulbs


  • Elegant, contemporary good looks

  • Aluminum arms and fittings

  • Sleek, cone-shaped shade

  • Silver or Black finish





The Diffrient Light and the Environment:

The Right Material: All Humanscale task lights are constructed primarily of 100% recycled aluminum. In addition to a high scrap value that increases the likelihood of recycling, the energy required to recycle aluminum is just 5% of that used to produce virgin aluminum.


The Right Bulb: Not only do compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) save money, they save energy too. Using just 25% of the energy of comparable incandescent bulbs,

CFLs give off 75% less heat, and last up to ten times longer. They’re also 50 to 100% more energy efficient than LEDs.


Earn LEED Credits: The Diffrient Light contains 77% LEED recycled content, and can help a project achieve LEED credits in a number of categories:

  • ID Credit 1.1 - 1.4, Innovation in Design: Ergonomics Strategy

  • MR Credit 4.1, Recycled Content, 10%

  • MR Credit 4.2, Recycled Content, 20%

  • EA Credit 1.1, Optimize Energy Performance, Lighting Power

  • EQ Credit 6.1, Controllability of Systems, Lighting

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Manufacturer Humanscale
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Humanscale DTECH1E or DTECH2E Diffrient Technology Light Lamp