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Ergotron SRVC-PMNP-03 Three Year Preventive Maintenance for non-powered Carts

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Ergotron SRVC-PMNP-03 Preventive Maintenance

for 10+ Style View non-Powered Carts, 3 years


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Ergotron SRVC-PMNP-03 Preventive Maintenance

for 10+ Style View non-Powered Carts, 3 years


Ergotron SRVC-PMNP-03 Preventive Maintenance for non-powered Styleview carts





Description of Ergotron SRVC PMNP 03:

Benefit from our network of certified service professionals, who can help maximize your point-of-care computing investments and maintain your operational efficiencies. Ergotron’s preventive maintenance service offers a comprehensive evaluation of your StyleView Cart inventory, including a 34-point inspection. A detailed service report on all evaluated carts will be provided following inspection.

Price is per cart, 10 cart minimum.




Product Information:

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Preventive Maintenance for non-powered StyleView Cart, 36 months


Conducted by a trained, certified and contracted service provider


Separate purchase of Cart Integration service. Purchase of three-year program required within one year of integration service. Initial maintenance visit occurs approximately 12 months after integration


  • One on-site visit per year over three consecutive years

  • Detailed inspection of entire cart, including adjustment of all counterbalance mechanisms.

  • Replacement of up to $50 worth of broken or worn parts over a three-year period

  • Preventive maintenance checklist used to evaluate entire cart

  • Service report on cart at completion of each maintenance visit, which documents service on each cart for your asset management

Follow Up:

Contact to ensure satisfaction after completion of each visit


Thirty-day warranty, starts on final day of service site visit





Benefits of Ergotron SRVCPMNP03:

    1.  Maximize cart life and achieve optimum cart conditioning, reducing total cost of ownership.


    2.  Simple upkeep optimizes cart performance.


    3.  Extend cart life by maintaining condition of carts.


    4.  Increase operational efficiency - minimize downtime.


    5.  Augment caregiver productivity and workflow.



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Ergotron SRVC-PMNP-03 Maintenance for Non-Powered Carts - Service Program

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Model SRVC-PMNP-03
Manufacturer Ergotron
Part Number SRVC-PMNP-03
UPC 698833008753

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Ergotron SRVC-PMNP-03 Three Year Preventive Maintenance for non-powered Carts