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Ergotron 33-340-200 WorkFit-S LCD & Laptop Sit-Stand Workstation

Max height from desktop to top of monitor is 40". Desk Clamp attaches to surface edge .47" to 2.4" (1.2 to 6 cm) thick. Discontinued.
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Transform any surface into a personalized height-adjustable desk. Get affordable ergonomics.

Change from a sitting to a standing position whenever you want. Ergotron 33-340-200 sit-stand workstation moves your keyboard and display in one simple motion, making computing comfortable for prolonged periods.


Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing for Ergotron 33-340-200 WorkFit-S LED & Notebook Desk Mount


Technical Specifications

LCD size







LCD Size







Up to 20" 12-26 lbs

5.4-11.8 kg


58 cm

30° - 360° P/L MIS-D


Product Information

Part Number:



WorkFit-S Sit-Stand Workstation for Combination Laptop and LCD Monitor, with Surface Mount Base (black and polished aluminum)


  • Height-adjustment column
  • Desk clamp
  • Crossbar
  • LCD pivot
  • Laptop tray
  • Keyboard tray with left/right mouse tray


Use laptop with a separate, external keyboard for proper ergonomics.

Weight Capacity:

Maximum load on height-adjustment assembly = 31 lbs (14 kg). LCD weight = 6–16 lbs (2.7–7.2 kg), laptop = 6–10 lbs (2.7–4.5 kg), combined weight of LCD/laptop = 12–26 lbs (5.5–11.8 kg).

Lift Range:

LCD and keyboard adjust 18" (46 cm) in tandem; LCD and laptop adjust 5" (13 cm) independently; maximum LCD/laptop height adjustment = 23" (58 cm)

Desk Thickness:

Desk Clamp attaches to surface edge .47" to 2.4" (1.2 to 6 cm) thick

Keyboard Tray:
  • Ergonomic back-tilt keyboard tray ensures wrists remain in a neutral position during data entry - avoid repetitive-stress injuries while increasing comfort and productivity.
  • Keyboard tray includes mouse tray that installs on left or right.


Durable, easy-to-clean exterior composed of aluminum, high-grade plastic and powder coated painted steel.

Mounting Standards:

VESA FDMI MIS-D, 100/75, C (hole pattern: 100 x 100 mm & 75 x 75 mm)

CF Technology:

Patented Constant Force (CF) lift-and-pivot motion technology.


  • Because mounting surface materials can vary widely, it is imperative that you make sure mounting surface is strong enough to handle mounted product and equipment.
  • Computer systems mounted on a WorkFit-S may require extra long power and video cables in order to span between standing and sitting heights.

Shipping Dimensions:

8"H x 23"W x 44"D (20 x 58 x 115 cm)

Shipping Weight:

40 lbs (18 kg)


Five (5) years



For Computer Users

  • Improve your energy and productivity by standing or sitting as you work, and then switch positions whenever you choose. This work style encourages healthy movement throughout the day.
  • Counterbalanced adjustment points allow instantaneous, tool-free re-positioning while you work.
  • Promote fitness and comfort as you compute, reducing potential back and neck pain by adding movement into your work routine in a truly ergonomic workstation.
  • Easily and simultaneously lift keyboard, laptop and LCD screen to proper height for unsurpassed ergonomic comfort.
  • Patented Constant Force lift technology provides fluid, one-touch adjustments of the keyboard and monitor positions for personalized computing.
  • Simply combine your laptop with an LCD display, separate keyboard and mouse to create a healthy and productive dual-display configuration.
  • Burn more calories by choosing to stand for periods of your work-day; periodic standing also promotes greater bone density and better sleep at night. WorkFit-S counteracts an increasingly sedentary workstyle.

For IT and Facilities Staff

  • IT deployment friendly - convert most work areas into a productive and complete computer workstation in minutes.
  • Modify existing office spaces or cubes by simply clamping a WorkFit-S on an existing worksurface, without the cost of expensive professional installers.
  • Safe and neat routing of cables.
  • Flexible, open-architecture design is scalable for future computer equipment.

For HR/Risk Management and Company Cost Savings

  • Manage the cost of healthcare premiums by promoting wellness in the daily work routine.
  • Provide standing work platforms for employees without having to buy expensive height-adjustable chairs.
  • Comfortable computing offers provable ROI on investment - healthcare costs associated with unhealthy computing and missed time are reduced while productivity increases.
  • Standing supports healthy neck and back conditions. According to the 2007 OE Medicine Journal, back and neck pain are cited as the most costly conditions affecting employees.
  • Studies show an average productivity increase of 20–30% when using two displays instead of one.
  • Studies in office ergonomics show productivity increases 12%–18% following an ergonomic intervention where employees are provided with well-designed ergonomic furniture.


Literature (Please open the following documents for more technical information)

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Installation Manual - Ergotron 33340200 LED And Notebook Height Adjustable Workstation

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Dimensional Illustrations - WorkFit-S LCD & Laptop Sit-Stand Desk Mount

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Tips and Tricks - 33-340-200 WorkFit-S Sit-Stand Height Adjustable Desk Mount

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Model 33-340-200
Manufacturer Ergotron
Part Number 33-340-200
UPC 698833012439
Weight 40.00 lb(s)
Weight Capacity Maximum load on height-adjustment assembly = 31 lbs (14 kg). LCD weight = 6–16 lbs (2.7–7.2 kg), laptop = 6–10 lbs (2.7–4.5 kg), combined weight of LCD/laptop = 12–26 lbs (5.5–11.8 kg)
Monitor Size Up to 20"
Lift (58 cm) 3 in
Tilt 30 degree
Mounting Pattern VESA FDMI MIS-D, 100/75, C (hole pattern: 100 x 100 mm & 75 x 75 mm)
Shipping Weight 40 lbs (18 kg)
Shipping Dimensions 8"H x 23"W x 44"D (20 x 58 x 115 cm)
Warranty 40 lbs (18 kg)
Rotation (P/L) 360 degree
Desktop Thickness Range Desk Clamp attaches to surface edge .47" to 2.4" (1.2 to 6 cm) thick
Color Black and polished aluminum
Mounting Options Desk Mounts
Monitor Arm Types Sit-Stand Workstation

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Ergotron 33-340-200 WorkFit-S LCD & Laptop Sit-Stand Workstation