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SIS SURF2 Electric 2-Leg Corner Height Adjustable Office Table and Ergonomic Desk

22.1” - 48.6” sit-to-stand height range
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SIS SURF2 Corner 2-leg S422, S423, S482, S483 Electric Height Adjustable Workstation and Ergonomic Desk

General Information






SIS SURF2 Corner 2-leg Electric Height Adjustable Table and Workcenter


SIS SURF2 Corner 2-leg Electric Height Adjustable Table and Workcenter



SIS SURF2 Electric Adjustable Workstation Description:

Workspace design must fit the space and application as well as adjust to fit the user. If it does not, then it’s not the solution for you. When we created the SURF2 line we weren’t interested in offering another basic adjustable table- we wanted to present our customers with Solutions with Unlimited Reliability and Flexibility, SURF2.


With over 30 years of experience supporting office workers with adjustable desking, SIS-USA designed surf2 electric height adjustable workstations to:

  • Offer sit-to-stand workstation adjustment for the entire ANSI-BIFMA recommended range - fitting the 5th percentile female and 95th percentile male - so more people work more comfortably and productively.

  • Allow full-depth file pedestal or CPU mounting locations anywhere under the worksurface to support different work styles and needs.

  • Enable future flexibility through reconfiguration - simply change crossbars that correspond to different work surface sizes and shapes and you save 90% of your original investment but still have the new work station shape and size you need.

  • give you all of this - a full featured sit-to-stand workstation.

surf2 offers unlimited potential for office worker to be comfortable and productive, clients to design their own workstations and facilities managers to choose great solutions today that will continue to be great solutions tomorrow.




In addition to a new height range of 22.1" to 48.6", surf2 carries the same great design and functional flexibility of the original surf:


Here is what makes surf2 different


  • 22.1" to 48.6" sit-to-stand height range exceeds ANSI/BIFMA recommendations, fitting nearly everyone.

  • Two, three or four-leg frames support freestanding corners, returns, "L", and "U" workstations for any application.

  • Frames supplied "by the inch" in any width from 24" to 96" offers unparalleled design flexibility.

  • Absence of lower cross bar eliminates interference with operator leg room, file pedestals, allows for access from both sides and makes a desk more wheelchair accessible.

  • Available in 90°, 120° and custom angle configurations for oddly shaped rooms or correspond to panel systems layouts

  • Available as frames used under customers’ existing work surfaces to reduce costs and recycled reusable tops.

  • Standard and Heavy-Duty lifting capacities to handle normal office and extra heavy equipment loads of 300 lbs. or 500 lbs.

  • Work surfaces made of 1" core and any domestic high pressure laminate with 3 mm plastic edging and 1" ergonomic radius corners.

  • Standard work surface depths of 30" and 24" plus 18" depths support conventional work surfaces as well as transaction counters, drafting tables and executive desks.

  • SISmate keyboard arms up to 60" wide added to corner and rectilinear work surfaces create additional height and tilt adjustability.

  • Frames can be sized to position mobile pedestals and CPUs either inside or outside the leg envelop.

  • Cantilevered leg upright and upper cross bars increases the under-desk space for wire management, power supply mounts, keyboard mechanisms, pencil trays, storage devices, CPU holders, etc.

  • Easy to reconfigure, rebuild and move - create new workstations by adding a new differently sized work surface and upper crossbar.

  • Work surfaces manufactured with one wire management grommet per frame leg.

  • Standard up-down arrow switch, optional programmable and digital display switches.

  • Height range can be factory pre-programmed with upper or lower limits.

  • Black frames in stock; aluminum frame finish available in 8 weeks.

  • Optional horizontal and vertical wire management available

  • Frames ship partially KD, assembled with simple tools

  • SCS certified environmental production

  • 1" adjustable leveling glides

  • SIS Lifetime Warranty


SURF2 Foot:

SIS SURF2 foot

New sleek foot design available in 17", 24" and 30" lengths allows for maximum clearance.



SURF2 Table Specification Guide:

Adjustment Mechanism:


Adjustment Speed

Standard : 1.7" second

Heavy Duty: 0.75" second

Height Range

Single Surface: 22.1" - 48.6"

Duplex surface:

keyboard: +6”, -5.75”

Keyboard tilt: +9°, -15°

Leg Style:

Offset "T" leg , cantilevered available


150 lbs per leg - standard

250 lbs per leg - heavy duty


Casters, CPU holder, computer shelf and voice data receptacles

J-channel horizontal wire management, surface mount power strip with surge protection, 10’ power cord for full range operation


4 & 5mm allen wrench (supplied)

phillips screw driver



Option 1: Choose your Surface Dimensions (Actual Size)

Model S422: 42" W x 24" D x 22.1" - 48.6" H Surface Dimensions

Model S423: 42" W x 30" D x 22.1" - 48.6" H Surface Dimensions

Model S482: 48" W x 24" D x 22.1" - 48.6" H Surface Dimensions

Model S483: 48" W x 30" D x 22.1" - 48.6" H Surface Dimensions



Option 2: Switch Position


Standard up down Arrow Switch

Standard Up-Down Arrow Switch

(Standard with electronic controls for smooth 1.7"/s adjustment from sit-to-stand positions)



Digital Programmable Switch

Digital Programmable Switch with Readout

(Digital display and multi-seating controls available for an upcharge)




Option 3: Choose your Base Frame Color


Base Frame Color - 12 Charcoal

12 Charcoal



Base Frame Color - 18 Aluminum

18 Aluminum




Option 4: Choose your Laminate Top Color


Important Note (Disclaimer):  Color representation may vary by individual computer monitor from the actual final laminate product or edge treatment color.  For maximum fidelity, please order a sample to ensure proper color match.  Custom laminate finishes from other manufacturers available.  Additional charges may apply.  Please contact [email protected] for price quotation.


Laminate Top color - SL10 Kensignton Maple


Kensington Maple


Laminate Top Color - SL11 Wild Cherry


Wild Cherry


Laminate Top Color - SL12 River Cherry


River Cherry


Laminate Top Color - Sl13 New Age Oak


New Age Oak


Laminate Top Color - SL14 White Nebula


White Nebula


Laminate Top Color - Sl15 Fashion Gray


Fashion Gray


Laminate Top Color - SL16 White Tigris


White Tigris


Laminate Top Color - SL17 Silicon EV


Silicon EV


Laminate Top Color - SL18 Nickel EV


Nickel EV


Laminate Top Color - SL19 Tungsten EV


Tungsten EV


Laminate Top Color - SL20 Natural Tigris


Natural Tigris


Laminate Top Color - SL21 Shadow




Laminate Top Color - SL22 Desert Zephyr


Desert Zephyr


Laminate Top Color - SL23 canyon Zephyr


Canyon Zephyr


Laminate Top Color - SL24 North Sea


North Sea



Laminate Top Color - SL25 carbon EV


Carbon ev


Laminate Top Color - SL26 Twilight Zephyr


Twilight Zephyr


Laminate Top Color - Sl27 Morro Zephyr


Morro Zephyr




Option 5: Edge Treatments


Edge Color - ED11 Charcoal





Edge Color - ED12 Light Grey


Light Gray



Edge Color - ED13 Birch





Edge Color - ED14 Graphite





Edge Color - ED15 North Sea


North Sea





Edge Color - ED16 Fusion Maple


Fusion Maple



Edge Color - ED17 Storm








Option 6: Casters


The following casters are available:


  • 8997S: Black 2" Locking Casters with Spacers (set of four)

  • 8999S: Black 3" Locking Casters with Spacers (set of four)



Option 7: Cantilever Conversion Kit


With the surf2 cantilever conversion kit you maximize undersurface clearance for mounted accessories like keyboard arms, CPU holders, and drawers - ideal for shallow worksurface depths. 

One kit attaches to one leg of the table to move the cross bar back and two kits attach to two legs of the table to move the cross bar back.


Surf2 Standard Frame

Standard Frame

cantillever Conversion Kit

Conversion Kit


Literature (Please open the following documents for more technical information)


File Type

SIS SURF2 Electric Height Adjustable Workstations Guide

- pdf

SIS Surf2 Laminate, Edge and Frame Color Options

- pdf

SIS SURF2 Two Leg Electric Height Adjustable Table - Cantilever  Kit

- pdf

SIS Surf2 Two Leg Electric Ergonomic Work center Side

- pdf

SIS SURF2 Two Leg Electric Height Adjustable Desk Side

- pdf




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Model s422 or s423 or s482 or s483
Manufacturer SIS
Part Number s422 or s423 or s482 or s483
Desk Type Electric
Desktop Shape Corner

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SIS SURF2 Electric 2-Leg Corner Height Adjustable Office Table and Ergonomic Desk