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SIS Xtreme Electric Rectangle Single Surface Height Adjustable Table and Ergonomic Desk

24.5” - 51.5” sit-to-stand height range. Surfaces available either 24” or 30” deep and multiple widths.
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SIS Xtreme 9080 or 9726 or 9727 or 9728 or 9729 or 9180 or 9100 or 9101 or 9102 or 9103 Electric Rectangle Single Surface Height Adjustable Workcenter


General Information



SIS Xtreme 9080 or 9726 or 9727 or 9728 or 9729 or 9180 or 9100 or 9101 or 9102 or 9103 Electric Rectangle Single Surface Table and Ergonomic Desk


SIS Xtreme Electric Rectangle Single Surface Table and Ergonomic Desk



SIS Xtreme Height Adjustable Workstation Description:

Xtreme collection of crank and electric tables is available in all sizes including cornerflex configurations. Conversion from crank to electric of installed models is available through unique “Beam Buyback Program.” All tables are life tested to ANSI BIFMA standards utilizing the prescribed weight load. The crank version permits a 5th percentile female worker to adjust the tables from a seated position with a minimum sustained force. Sit to stand collection of crank and electric tables available in all sizes.


Generation IV xtreme workstations are available with single or dual surface tops when fitted with spring adjustable keyboard units. Workstation designs include rectilinear models from 30” to 72”, 42” and 48” corners, 72” corner combi’s and full oversized cornerflex units.


Generation IV computer support furniture adjusts to serve everyone. They meet or exceed all existing domestic and international standards for safety, durability and ergonomics.


Generation IV xtreme is distinctive in its exceptional range of motion. Adjusting quickly and easily from a sitting to standing position, it is the ideal computer solution for all office applications and especially those demanding advanced ergonomics and extensive flexibility.


  • Available as full tables or frames that can be integrated with new or existing work surfaces.

  • High durability and vertical horizontal integrity are assured through the use of steel constructed frames.

  • Easy-glide casters are available for quick table re-arrangement or casual task groupings.

  • Perforated privacy and modesty panels can be added for open space office concepts.


Spring adjustable keyboard mechanisms convert single surfaces to a duplex, dual surface workstation. The keyboard platform adjusts ± 6” with a simple squeeze on the paddle and tilts ± 15˚.


Unique support “beam” and leg design can be easily reconfigured to promote extreme flexibility. For example, a 72” workstation can be easily converted to a 42” corner table simply by changing the beam and tabletop. Add an additional leg to the extra beam to create another workstation.


Generation IV xtreme workstations can accommodate users of varying sizes including petite, medium and tall, and is available in electric or manual crank models. Each xtreme workstation has these features and more:


  • Perfect balance is maintained even when fully loaded up to 200 lbs. of computer equipment.

  • Tapered foot reduces obstruction.

  • Crank handle is conveniently located to minimize interference with adjacent walls or other work surfaces.

  • Standard sizes fit into common panel environment schemes: 24” and 30” depths and 36”, 48”, 60” and 72” widths fit most work environments.

  • Custom sizes available.

  • Wire grommets available in the back of each workstation - you can choose the location.

  • Combines well with generation IV basix to create a total office environment for private offices and open spaces.


SIS Xtreme Electric Single Surface Work center Description:

Rectangular Xtreme single surface electric table. Adjusts from sit to stand and travels 2" per second with a soft start and stop feature. DC motor with low shadow draw. Includes horizontal wire management.



Wire Management:

All Xtreme tables also come standard with integrated wire trough for horizontal wire management.


SIS Xtreme Wire Management

Standard through



Xtreme Electric Single Surface Table Specification:



Height Range:

Bilevel Surface Electric: 24.5" - 51.5"

Maximum Weight Load:

300 lbs load electric models

200 lbs load single surface

Leg Style:



Programmable switch, crank to electric beam conversion, custom horizontal wire channel (with/without power distribution), casters


4 & 5mm Allen wrench (supplied)

Phillips screw driver


Option 1: Choose your Surface Dimensions (Actual Size):

Model 9080 - 30" W x 24" D x 24.5" - 51.5" H, Weight - 121 lbs Surface Dimensions

Model 9726 - 36" W x 24" D x 24.5" - 51.5" H, Weight - 134 lbs Surface Dimensions

Model 9727 - 48" W x 24" D x 24.5" - 51.5" H, Weight - 147 lbs Surface Dimensions

Model 9728 - 60" W x 24" D x 24.5" - 51.5" H, Weight - 159 lbs Surface Dimensions

Model 9729 - 72" W x 24" D x 24.5" - 51.5" H, Weight - 180 lbs Surface Dimensions

Model 9180 - 30" W x 30" D x 24.5" - 51.5" H, Weight - 136 lbs Surface Dimensions

Model 9100 - 36" W x 30" D x 24.5" - 51.5" H, Weight - 140 lbs Surface Dimensions

Model 9101 - 48" W x 30" D x 24.5" - 51.5" H, Weight - 154 lbs Surface Dimensions

Model 9102 - 60" W x 30" D x 24.5" - 51.5" H, Weight - 163 lbs Surface Dimensions

Model 9103 - 72" W x 30" D x 24.5" - 51.5" H, Weight - 192 lbs Surface Dimensions


Option 2: Switch Position:


SIS Xtreme electric operation


Electric Operation: Adjusts 27” in twelve seconds with a smooth start / stop feature. Draws 2 amps under normal use and a minimal stand by draw of 1.5 kw / year. UL rated and equipped with safety features such as obstacle detection causing the motor to stop. Optional programmable software available.

Electric Motor: Electric motor smoothly raises and lowers the surface from 24.5” to 51.5” at the rate of 3.5 inches per second.



Option 3: Choose your Base Frame Color:


Base Frame Color - 12 Charcoal

12 Charcoal



Base Frame Color - 18 Aluminum

18 Aluminum



Option 4: Choose your Laminate Top Color:


Important Note (Disclaimer):  Color representation may vary by individual computer monitor from the actual final laminate product or edge treatment color.  For maximum fidelity, please order a sample to ensure proper color match.  Custom laminate finishes from other manufacturers available.  Additional charges may apply.  Please contact [email protected] for price quotation.


Laminate Top color - SL10 Kensignton Maple


Kensington Maple


Laminate Top Color - SL11 Wild Cherry


Wild Cherry


Laminate Top Color - SL12 River Cherry


River Cherry


Laminate Top Color - Sl13 New Age Oak


New Age Oak


Laminate Top Color - SL14 White Nebula


White Nebula


Laminate Top Color - Sl15 Fashion Gray


Fashion Gray


Laminate Top Color - SL16 White Tigris


White Tigris


Laminate Top Color - SL17 Silicon EV


Silicon EV


Laminate Top Color - SL18 Nickel EV


Nickel EV


Laminate Top Color - SL19 Tungsten EV


Tungsten EV


Laminate Top Color - SL20 Natural Tigris


Natural Tigris


Laminate Top Color - SL21 Shadow




Laminate Top Color - SL22 Desert Zephyr


Desert Zephyr


Laminate Top Color - SL23 canyon Zephyr


Canyon Zephyr


Laminate Top Color - SL24 North Sea


North Sea



Laminate Top Color - SL25 carbon EV


Carbon ev


Laminate Top Color - SL26 Twilight Zephyr


Twilight Zephyr


Laminate Top Color - Sl27 Morro Zephyr


Morro Zephyr



Option 5: Edge Treatments:


Edge Color - ED11 Charcoal





Edge Color - ED12 Light Grey


Light Gray



Edge Color - ED13 Birch





Edge Color - ED14 Graphite





Edge Color - ED15 North Sea


North Sea





Edge Color - ED16 Fusion Maple


Fusion Maple


Edge Color - ED17 Storm






Option 6: Casters:


The following caster is available:


  • 8027: Xtreme 3" Locking Casters (set of four) two tone grey.

SIS Xtreme 3" Locking Casters


Literature (Please open the following documents for more technical information)


File Type

SIS Xtreme Laminate, Edge and Frame Color Options

- pdf




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Model 9080 or 9726 or 9727 or 9728 or 9729 or 9180 or 9100 or 9101 or 9102 or 9103
Manufacturer SIS
Part Number 9080 or 9726 or 9727 or 9728 or 9729 or 9180 or 9100 or 9101 or 9102 or 9103

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SIS Xtreme Electric Rectangle Single Surface Height Adjustable Table and Ergonomic Desk