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AnchorPad 34296-1315 Double Theft Resistant Lockdown Plate

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AnchorPad 34296-1315 Low Profile Double Plate Locking Security System


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AnchorPad 34296-1315 Double Plate Locking Security System 34296 1315


AnchorPad 34296-1315 Double Plate Locking Security System





Features of AnchorPad 34296 1315:

    1.  Offers more area to secure a machine larger than a laptop.


    2.  Comes with an adapter plate to expand mounting options for machines with difficult bottom

       configurations - those that have multiple access doors.


    3.  Very high security solution at modest cost.


    4.  Adapts to a wide variety of office equipment.


    5.  Simple to install with no tools required.


    6.  Delivers up to 20,000 lbs anchoring strength.


    7.  Computer easily snaps in and out for authorized user.


    8.  Provides bottom air circulation/cooling for extended machine life.


    9.  Built in self removal feature allows an authorized user to easily remove the entire installation

       with no damage to the surface.


  10.  Double plate lockdown system includes all components to secure one device to a flat surface.


  11.  Once removed, the adhesive base plate cannot be re-used.


  12.  Requires permanent adhesive bonding of attaching hardware to the computer/machine foot-






Description of AnchorPad 34296-1315:

The 34296 1315 Double Plate System comes with an adapter plate which expands mounting options. This product is used when the bottom configuration of a computer/machine has limited area for attachment of rubber foot hardware due to multiple access doors. This Plate System works well with peripherals such as scanners, printers and other office machines that are too big for the 34196 1110 Double Plate System.

AnchorPad’s Low Profile Double Plate Security System provides a maximum level of security by “locking” equipment to the work surface.  Constructed of 16-guage steel and adhered to the work surface by high-strength adhesive foam, the plate system provides 20,000-lbs of pull force.  The low profile design keeps its visibility to a minimum while ensuring the security of your device.  All plate systems include our Self-Removal System, which allows for the removal of the plate from the work surface without causing any damage to the furniture.






1 - 13 in x15 in base plate with high strength adhesive foam


1 adapter plate


5 adapter feet, round


1 glue pack (3 gm tube of glue, clearing pad, sandpaper square)


2 keys


2 wafer locks


1 lock block


2 weld nuts


5 couplings


5 screws


1 self removal kit



Components of AnchorPad 34296-1315 Double Plate Locking Security System







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Model 34296-1315
Manufacturer AnchorPad
Part Number 34296-1315

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AnchorPad 34296-1315 Double Theft Resistant Lockdown Plate

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