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Mousetrapper Advance Plus MTA+ Wired Ergonomic Computer Mouse

Adapter for curved keyboards (shown in picture) not available
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Mousetrapper Advance Plus MTA+ Computer Ergonomic Mouse


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Mousetrapper Advance +  MTA+ Ergonomic Computer Mouse


Mousetrapper Advance +  MTA+ Ergonomic Computer Mouse





Features of Mousetrapper Advance Plus:


  • Five buttons.

  • Large control pad with click and scroll function.

  • You can configure the button functions yourself.

  • You can save several different user profiles.

  • Can be cleaned with surface disinfectants (Mousetrapper advance + only. The wrist support’s new surface material can be cleaned with of Liv Ytdesinfektion 70, Daxs Ytdesinfektion Plus, Des 45+ Ytdesinfektion and surface cleaners with up to 85% alcohol (not acetone cleaners).




Description of Mousetrapper Advance + MTA+:


If you are a regular computer user you can encounter problems such as pain in your mouse using arm or shoulders and stiffness in your neck.1 One way of preventing this is to use a Mousetrapper, which is an ergonomic alternative to a standard computer mouse. A Mousetrapper gives you a more varied way of working with a computer, which reduces repetitive strain on your neck and shoulders. What’s more, the Mousetrapper can be controlled by either hand, which prevents and counters mouse arm syndrome. Mousetrapper is a 100% Swedish product with over 500,000 satisfied users today. It has been developed and is manufactured in Stockholm, Sweden.


What is Mousetrapper?

Mousetrapper is an ergonomic computer mouse which, through its design and functions, can assist in relieving and preventing repetitive strains in shoulders, neck and arms. Mousetrapper is an alternative to the traditional computer mouse and is available in several models and designs. The product is developed and manufactured in Sweden.


What does Mousetrapper do for you?

Mousetrapper will assist you in having a good ergonomic working posture with your arms centered in front of your body, which in turn will facilitate working with both hands and all fingers on the mousing pad.



Literature (Please open the following documents for more technical information)


Mousetrapper Advance Plus MTA+ Ergonomic Computer Mouse - Product Sheet

- pdf

Mousetrapper Advance + MTA+ Computer Ergonomic Mouse - Cut Sheet

- pdf




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Model MTA+
Manufacturer Mousetrapper
Part Number MTA+
Color Black
Mouse Type Horizontal
Wireless No
Trackball No

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Mousetrapper Advance Plus MTA+ Wired Ergonomic Computer Mouse

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