Workrite Essentia Electric Large Equal Corner 3 Leg Workcenter

Lead time for standard laminate work surface is 10 business days for quantities of 10 or less. Please call 888-456-3746 for delivery time on non-standard and special size laminate tops.

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Greater flexibility for workspace design. Introducing Essentia, the newest and most exciting member of Workrite’s height-adjustable workcenter portfolio. Featuring our exclusive European manufactured industrial design, an inductive touch control switch with 6 memory presets, and adjustable stretchers that provide greater flexibility for work space design, Essentia is truly in a league of its own.

Essentia is available in 2-leg or 3-leg configurations, meets BIFMA G1-2013 Ergonomic standards for adjustability, exceeds BIFMA X5.5 requirements for performance and durability, is UL Listed, and Greenguard certified. Essentia is, quite simply, one of the highest quality value priced workcenters in the market today.



Drawing for Workrite Essentia Electric Height Adjustable Workcenter



  • Frame options: 2-leg and 3-leg frames

  • Expandable stretchers enable greater flexibility

  • Widths from 34" to 84" depending on shape

  • 24" or 30" depths

  • Finish options: Silver, charcoal, and white

  • Height range: 22.5" to 48.7"

  • Payload Capacity 225 pounds for 2-leg models

  • Payload Capacity 300 pounds for 3-leg models

  • Travel Speed: 1.8 inches per second

  • Max Power Draw: 120 V, 60 Hz, 3 A (2-leg) 5 A (3-leg)

  • Standby Power: 0.3W

  • Workrite Essentia Electric has achieved GREENGUARD GOLD Certification



Option 1: Surface Dimensions

Worksurface 58" x 58" x 23" T585823-B3 and Frame Set ES3E5472EOC

Worksurface 64" x 64" x 23" T646423-B3 and Frame Set ES3E5472EOC

Worksurface 70" x 70" x 23" T707023-B3 and Frame Set ES3E5472EOC

Worksurface 58" x 58" x 29" T585829-B3 and Frame Set ES3E5472EOC

Worksurface 64" x 64" x 29" T646429-B3 and Frame Set ES3E5472EOC

Worksurface 70" x 70" x 29" T707029-B3 and Frame Set ES3E5472EOC


Option 2: Switch Type

Essentia Standard Switch ES-B-SWITCH

Standard Switch ES-B-SWITCH

  • Simple up/down button control switch

  • Includes cable management & mounting hardware

  • Not interchangeable with the STDSWITCH

Essentia Programmable Switch ES-P-SWITCH

Programmable Switch ES-P-SWITCH

  • Inductive touch control prevents accidental movement

  • Three user sit & stand memory pre-sets (six total)

  • Swipe to lock/unlock feature

  • Programmable upper and lower height limits

  • Digital height readout

  • Manual up/down control buttons

  • Includes cable management & mounting hardware

  • Not interchangeable with PROSWITCH


Option 3: Base Frame Colors

Colors and patterns are representative only. Actual colors and patterns may vary slightly

Frame Base Color Silver

Silver (S)

Frame Base Color Charcoal

Charcoal (C)

Base Frame Color White

White (W)


Option 4: Laminate Top Colors

Colors and patterns are representative only. Actual colors and patterns may vary slightly

Laminate Designer White 0D35460

Designer White


Laminate Black 0159560



Fashion Gray 0D38160

Fashion Gray


Laminate Titanium EV 0481060

Titanium EV


Laminate Silicon EV 0481160

Silicon EV


Laminate Nickel EV 0481360

Nickel EV



Laminate Tungsten EV 0481460

Tungsten EV


Laminate Canyon Zephyr 0484260

Canyon Zephyr


Laminate Misted Zephyr 0484360

Misted Zephyr


Laminate Morro Zephyr 0484660

Morro Zephyr


Laminate Shadow Zephyr 0485760

Shadow Zephyr


Laminate Wild Cherry 0705460

Wild Cherry



Laminate Beigewood 0785060



Laminate Monticello Maple 0792538

Monticello Maple


Laminate River Cherry 0793738

River Cherry


Laminate Skyline Walnut 7964K12

Skyline Walnut


Laminate Kensington Maple 1077660

Kensington Maple


Laminate Black (Woodgrain) 1595K78

Black (Woodgrain)



Laminate Windsor Mahogany 0703960

Windsor Mahogany




Option 5: Edge Treatments

Colors and patterns are representative only. Actual colors and patterns may vary slightly

Edgeband Designer White 348

Designer White


Edgeband Black 300



Edgeband Folkstone 004



Edgeband Shaker Gray 026

Shaker Gray


Edgeband Pepperdust 007



Edgeband Brownstone 006




Edgeband Jute 395



Anchor Gray 048

Anchor Gray


Edgeband Kodiak Brown 089

Kodiak Brown


Edgeband French Roast 023

French Roast


Edgeband Rainier Cherry 152

Rainier Cherry


Edgeband Beigewood 250




Edgeband Candlelight Maple 206

Candlelight Maple


Edgeband River Cherry 249

River Cherry


Edgeband Graphite 008



Edgeband Sugar Maple 153

Sugar Maple


Edgeband Windsor Mahogany 151

Windsor Mahogany




Option 6: Foot Set

Essentia Flat Foot Kit

Flat Foot Kit

Flat foot Kit is used with any Workrite electric height adjustable workcenter. Foot options are available in finishes that coordinate with our frame sets and in 24" or 30" depths.



Option 7: Casters

Sierra Locking Casters

Sierra Locking Casters


  • Low profile locking casters 2" W x 1.5" H
  • Casters raise workcenters by 1" versus installed adjustable glides
  • Use with all Styled Foot and Flat Foot Kits (not available on Cascade Workcenters)
  • Four (4) casters required for 2 leg workcenters, five (5) casters required for 3 leg workcenters


The following Casters are available

  • 95234 - 4 casters for 2 leg tables
  • 95235 - 5 casters for 3 leg tables



Workcenter Ordering Information

Workrite’s laminated worksurfaces feature a wide variety of popular Wilsonart high pressure decorative laminates and coordinated 3 mm edgeband. The core is constructed from 1.125" thick, 45 pound density industrial grade particleboard and is backed with high quality phenolic to ensure balanced panel construction and prevent warping over the life of the product.

Our worksurfaces are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are the perfect finishing touch for any of Workrite’s height adjustable frame sets or bases.


Determining the correct size and shape of your worksurface is extremely important. Combining a Workrite worksurface with any height adjustable base requires 1" of clearance at each side and in the back of the worksurface to avoid pinching or scraping. All Workrite worksurfaces are manufactured to the dimensions required to provide these clearances.

Worksurfaces are pre-drilled with mounting location for frame sets or bases.

Joining kits are provided with all two piece worksurfaces.

Standard lead time for our laminated worksurfaces is 20 business days for quantities of 10 or less. Lead times for larger product orders will be provided upon receipt of the order.


Important Notes:

  • Workcenters ship unassembled and require simple hand tools to install.

  • If using customer’s own worksurfaces, pre-drill pilot holes for all screws to ensure the most secure attachment.

  • If installing a keyboard arm or track, the electric motor control box may need to be repositioned from its pre-drilled location.

  • All workcenters have adjustable glides providing 0.5" of adjustment.

  • Mobile pedestals may limit lower height range.


Model Large Equal Corner
Manufacturer Workrite Ergonomics
Part Number Large Equal Corner
Height Range 22.5" to 48.7" at 1.8" per second
Lifting Capacity 300 lbs
Desk Type Electric
Desktop Shape Large Equal Corner

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Workrite Essentia Electric Large Equal Corner 3 Leg Workcenter