How to Work From Home Comfortably?

Knowledge about good posture and simple ergonomic products lead to comfort and higher productivity. 

Neck Pain from working at home?

Looking down at your laptop on your bed?

Neck / Back pain looking down at your laptop on your bed?


Looking down at your laptop on your lap?

Neck / Back pain from putting laptop on your lap?

Are you working like this?

Are you working like this?

What to do?

  • Take the laptop off the bed.
  • Take the laptop off your lap. 
  • Find a desk or a table or you can build a simple one with perfect height. The height of the keyboard on the table is important relative to your height.  The best rule of thumb is that the bottom of your elbow should be level with the top of your desk while your shoulders are down and relaxed.
    You can find the perfect height for your desk here: Workspace Planner. Just select your height and see the perfect height for your keyboard (your wrist) both at Sitting and Standing position.
    We at ErgoDirect after working closely with many individual users who had to rush from work to  home without having a proper workstation, we noticed that the average office desks are too tall for majority of US population. What if my desk is too tall for me?
  • Sit Up: Looking down adds stress on your neck muscles and joints. It causes pain. The best posture for your neck is to look straight forward with your neck up 
  • Ears, shoulders, and hips on a straight vertical line 
  • The top 1/3rd of the laptop (or monitor) screen should be at your eye-level  
  • Raise your laptop (or a larger monitor) with an adjustable arm so you look straight at top of the screen 
  • Sit correctly and ergonomically on a chair. Feet flat on the floor in a way that you have the command of the chair and you can move it anywhere you want to. Maintain a 90-degree knees, 90-degree hips. How? more!
  • Lower the keyboard down on your lap so your shoulders are relaxed more!


 A simple solution for reducing neck pain:
Use a simple but sturdy Laptop Arm to lift your laptop screen up. It helps you sit up. Add a couple simple accessories (keyboard / mouse) and totally improve your posture. That is your ticket to healthy working. Correct posture helps reducing and in many situations removing Neck pain and Back Pain.

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