Working from Home?

Since early March, 2020 millions of office employees were asked to work remotely from home. Our customer survey showed that the majority of employees who work from home don't have proper monitors, chairs, desks, and phone systems in order to work a full 8 hour day.

The survey demonstrated that most remote workers use a laptop and a mobile phone while working from home. This is fine for home work styles of the past where we would check emails and search the web for a few hours while relaxing on the couch.

Now we are using the same laptop and mobile phone to handle significant workloads for 8 hours or more and many problems can arise from this new workstyle. For example, hunching over and looking down at a small laptop screen for hours, can add a lot of stress to the neck which leads to neck pain. In addition, home office workers may sit too low or too high on a non-adjustable dining room chair without a good supportive cushion for much of the day which can cause back pain. Also, typing on a small laptop keyboard and using a tiny touchpad mouse for extended periods cause wrist and finger pain.

Ergonomic knowledge and carefully selected furniture for your body type are the best tools for comfortable, productive and healthy home office environments.

See our free online Ergonomic Assessment Tool to learn more about proper posture at your home office. For more information on this topic, see our latest blog post.

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