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Ultrawide Monitor Arms

Welcome to ErgoDirect, premier provider of ergonomic products and solutions. We now offer solutions to mount ultrawide monitors. Dual monitor stacking arm as well as articulating arm for ultrawide monitors, a variety that will be hard to find elsewhere.  

That is because ultrawide monitors pose a unique problem while mounting. The edges of these wider than normal and mostly curved monitors, are further away from the mounting point. This increases torque, which makes the monitors "feel" heavier on the tilter - the part where the monitor actually mounts or attaches. So if you buy any monitor arm and even though its weight capacity is adequate to support the ultrawide monitor of your choice, most likely the tilter portion of the arm will fail causing the monitor to droop or sag, or worse, fall down. Our products are successfully tested to take care of this tilter problem and mount ultrawide monitor arms. After all your expensive monitor should not be mounted on anything but a quality mount or an arm.  

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