Ultrawide Monitor Arm, ErgoDirect EDM-49UW

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  • Compatible with all ultrawide, curved monitors up to 44" screen size
  • Compatible with most 49" ultrawide, curved monitors with 1800R and 3800R curvature
  • Not compatible with some 49" monitors with 1000R curvature such as Samsung Odyssey G9
  • Want a mounting solution for Samsung G9?
  • Choose from 3 arm models with different horizontal and vertical adjustments
  • Arm folds back to 3" when fully retracted
  • Want more choices to mount your ultrawide monitor?

How to find out if your monitor is ultrawide?

Ultrawide monitors are not just monitors that are wider than the commonly found 21", 24", 27" monitors. "Ultrawide" is a specific word used to refer to monitors with screens that have an aspect ratio higher than the traditional 16:9. Aspect ratio is the ratio of the width to the height of a screen. The most common ratio is 16:9, that is, the width and height of the monitor screen (without stand) are in the ratio 16:9. In other words, when the width is divided by the height, the result is 1.78.

To find out if your monitor is ultrawide or not, divide the width of your monitor screen by the height (without stand). If the answer is more than 1.78, your monitor is ultrawide.

For example, for a 49" monitor, width is 47.8" wide and height 14.4" (without stand). By dividing 47.8 by 14.4 we get 3.32. This monitor is ultrawide.

In another example, a 32" monitor has 28.05" width and 16.32" height (without stand). By dividing 28.05 by 16.32 we get 1.72. This 32" monitor is not ultrawide.

Is it hard to mount Ultrawide monitors?

Ultrawide monitors do not mount well on most monitor arms even if the weight of the ultrawide is within the weight capacity of the monitor arm. As the edges of an ultrawide monitor are further away from the mounting point, it increases torque which makes the monitor feel heavier on the tilter (the part where the monitor actually attaches to the arm). The tilters on most monitor arms are not designed for large and/or curved shape of the ultrawide, which causes the latter to sag or droop.

In response to overwhelming demand from our customers, and after speaking to ergonomic experts, customers and monitor arm manufacturers we introduce our newest product, a custom-built Ultrawide Monitor Arm, ErgoDirect EDM-49UW. Depending on the model you choose, Ultrawide Monitor Arm includes a special tilter - spring assisted tilter for smooth positioning of the monitor even if it's 49" in size. This tilter is specially designed to hold a large monitor that exerts immense lateral force on the mounting joints and tools. 

IMPORTANT NOTE I - The newly introduced Gaming Monitor from Samsung, 49" Odyssey G9, is not compatible with EDM-49UW. The G9 is a super curved monitor and has a curvature of 1000R as opposed to 1800R for other 49" monitors in the market.  The edges of this monitor are further away from the mounting point, increasing the torque even more than other 49" monitors. The increased torque exerts pressure on the tilter. Please see EDM-49G9, our newest offering, for wall mounting or desk mounting the G9. The EDM-49G9 comes with a super strong tilter manufactured especially for an ultra-curved monitor like the G9.

Types of Ultrawide Monitor Arms

Based on your monitor size, we offer three models -

1) Short Reach Monitor Arm for monitors up to 39" screen size and weighing 38 lbs with a maximum horizontal reach of 19.7" and height adjustment of 9.5" (less for desk mount)

2) Medium Reach Monitor Arm for monitors up to 44" screen size and weighing 31 lbs with a maximum horizontal reach of 24" and height adjustment of 16" (less for desk mount)

3) Long Reach Monitor Arm for monitors up to 49" screen size and weighing 40 lbs with a maximum horizontal reach of 27" and height adjustment of 18" (less for desk mount)

With a choice of mounting options, the EDM-49UW can be clamp mounted, grommet mounted on a desk or wall mounted.


IMPORTANT NOTE II - While this arm works for majority of ultrawide monitors up to the rated specifications, mounting ultrawide monitors is an evolving field with new monitors coming out regularly. It is not possible to test each and every ultrawide monitor with all the arms that we are offering. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question regarding compatibility. We also recommend, if you place an order for this arm, that you please keep all the original packaging material as it is required for returns.   

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Model EDM-49UW
Manufacturer Ergodirect
Part Number EDM-49UW

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