AnchorPad Secure Double Lockdown Plate - AP1110 X-DP

Product ID 16346


  • Old Model 34196 and 34196ARM
  • Requires permanent adhesive bonding of attaching hardware to the computer foot-print
  • Choose the Direct Adhesive Security Solution to mount your laptop to any smooth, horizontal surface
  • When used with an arm mount, the plate is secured with tamper proof screws
  • Anchorpad AP 1110 A-DP weighs 7 lbs; this would bring down the weight capacity of the arm you choose to attach to this plate by 7 lbs.
  • Please note that this secure plate only secures laptop to the plate, however, the arm that the plate is attached to is not secure

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AP 1110 D-DP Secure Double Lockdown Plate for Laptop - Desk Mount

34196 ARM

AP 1110 A-DP Secure Double Lockdown Plate for laptop - Arm Mount

Anchorpad 34196ARM Double Lockdown Plate Security System 11x10"


AnchorPad’s Low Profile Double Plate Security System provides a maximum level of security by "locking" equipment to the work surface. When used with an arm mount, the plate is secured with tamper proof screws that have a unique driver head. These screws can only be removed with the driver we provide with the security system. Constructed of 16-guage steel and adhered to the work surface by high-strength adhesive foam, the plate system provides 20,000-lbs of pull force. The low profile design keeps its visibility to a minimum while ensuring the security of your device. All plate systems include our Self-Removal System, which allows for the removal of the plate from the work surface without causing any damage to the furniture.

Same as the AnchorPad Single Plate. However, a special Adapter Plate increases the mounting options on the electronic device's underside. Great for laptops or other devices that have access panels on the underside.

Includes 4 patented Flex Feet that glue onto the underside of the electronic device. The Flex Feet attach to the Adapter Plate, which attached to the Base Plate. Once locked, a lock bar prevents the removal of the Adapter Plate from the Base Plate, and the electronic device is secured.


  • The Double Plate Lockdown Security System is chosen based on the foot-print configuration of the machine to be protected
  • Double Plate Systems come with an adapter plate which expands mounting options for machines with difficult bottom configurations
  • Built-in VESA standard hole pattern: 75 and 100
  • Very high security solution at modest cost
  • Adapts to a wide variety of office equipment
  • Simple to install with no tools required
  • Computer easily snaps in and out for authorized user
  • Provides bottom air circulation/cooling for extended machine life
  • Built-in self-removal feature allows an authorized user to easily remove the entire installation with no damage to the surface
  • Double plate lockdown system includes all components to secure one device to a flat surface
  • Requires permanent adhesive bonding of attaching hardware to the computer/machine foot-print
  • Direct Adhesive Security delivers up to 20,000-lbs anchoring strength

  The AP 1110 D-DP (BMS Part Number 34196 D) – AnchorPad Double Plate with Desktop/Flat Surface Adhesive 

The Base Plate adheres to a flat surface (like the top of a medical cart). The additional “Grid Plate” has multiple installation holes and provides multiple benefits:

  1. It allows the installer lots of choices for where to install the Flex Feet, which lock the computer to the plate.


  1. It brings the base of the laptop up off the top surface a little bit. This provides room for some air circulation. (The Flex Feet bring the laptop up a little bit as well.)


  1. The additional holes also help with circulation.


The laptop is glued to Flex Feet. The Flex Feet are bolted/screw onto the Grid Plate. And the Grid Plate is locked onto the Base Plate. This is a very solid application, which should prevent the laptop from falling.

Lockdown Plate Components

Components of AnchorPad 34196ARM Double Lockdown Plate

A – 1 11-in x 10-in base plate with high-strength adhesive foam
B – 1 adapter plate
C – 4 adapter feet, rectangular
D – 1 glue pack (3-gm tube of glue, cleaning pad, sandpaper square)
E – 2 keys
F – 2 wafer locks
G – 1 lockblock
H – 2 weldnuts
I – 4 couplings
J – 4 screws
K – 1 self-removal kit


Secure Plate Lockdown Arms associated parts are designed only as theft deterrents, not theft-proof. in no event will be held liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of or in connection with the use of this product.

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Model AP 1110-D-DP
Manufacturer AnchorPad
Part Number AP 1110-D-DP

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The only way to take it, would be to break it.

by BRIAN W, South Carolina, Apr 04, 2016

The system is highly durable and very effective. Design is sleek and efficient. I turned the locking mechanism to the back of the laptop, so when the laptop is open, the necessarily bulky locking bar is not at your wrist. Functions the same way, just much more ergonomic for my application. I highly recommend this product. Best I've seen

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