Innovative KT8-27 Compact Keyboard Arm with 27" Keyboard Tray

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Work in comfort and eliminate repetitive stress injuries with a flexible, ergonomic keyboard tray. Innovative KT8-27 is a Compact Keyboard Arm with 27" Keyboard Tray.

Technical Drawing

Technical drawing for Innovative 8492-8495 Compact Keyboard Arm with 27" Keyboard Tray




Height Adjustment Range

8" (3" above; 5" below the work surface)

Track Length



  • 8" total height adjustment range (3" above; 5" below the work surface).

  • 21" track included.

  • No knob, lever, or ratchet handle required to set height; simply lift to desired position and release.

Product Options/Accessories

Model KT8-27
Manufacturer Innovative LCD Arms
Part Number KT8-27
Color Black
Track Length 21"
Height Adjustment 8" (3" above and 5" below the work surface)

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