Dual Monitor Mount for 49" Ultrawide Monitors EDM-UW1X1

Product ID 19580

EDM-UW1X1 is a dual stackable monitor mount that suspends up to 49" ultrawide monitors above your desk surface. This mount is compatible with ultrawide monitors as long as they weigh less than 30 lbs, are less than 6" deep and have a curvature less than or equal to 1800R. Please note that as the curvature number, measured in radius (R), increases, the curve decreases. Quick and easy monitor installation is the highlight of EDM-UW1X1. Just attach and adjust. This dual ultrawide monitor is assembled in the US and 75mm and 100mm VESA adapters are included in it.   


Please keep in mind that EDM-UW1X1 is NOT compatible with Samsung ultra curved monitors like G9 Odyssey, CRG9, CHG90 and CJ890, whose depth is more than 6".

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Model EDM-UW1X1
Manufacturer Ergodirect
Part Number EDM-UW1X1

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