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Benefits of Energy-Efficient Task Lighting:

1. Relieve Those Peepers
Research shows eyestrain is the top health-related complaint among office workers, and up to 80% of office workers experience at least one negative effect from poor lighting. Task lighting provides ergonomic comfort by supplying the right amount of adjustable illumination for each user and task while reducing glare and computer vision syndrome.
2. Feel Better, Work Better
Three-quarters of office workers want more lighting control and there are very good reasons to give it to them: Task lighting has been shown to elevate mood and positively influence productivity.
3. Reduce Expenses
When task lights are implemented at each workstation in an office, ambient lighting levels can generally be reduced. And when lower levels of overhead lighting are combined with an energy-efficient task light, the cost-savings can be significant and quickly realized.
4. Save the Planet
Not only do compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) like those used in Humanscale Diffrient Lights save money, they save energy too. Using just 25% of the energy of comparable incandescent bulbs, CFLs give off 75% less heat, and last up to ten times longer. In addition, all Humanscale task lights are constructed primarily of 100% recycled aluminum. Aluminum's high scrap value increases the likelihood of recycling, plus the energy required to recycle aluminum is just 5% of that used to produce virgin smelted aluminum.
5. Earn LEED Credits
Humanscale task lighting can help a project achieve LEED credits in a number of categories.