Softworqs Wrist Rests and Palm Supports

The SOFTWORQS team was among the first to develop ultra-soft elastomeric gel materials in the 1990s and to use these materials in products to relieve the stresses of everyday life.

SOFTWORQS products are designed to combat repetitive strain for computer users, reduce the incidence of RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome, creating a safer computing environment. But our products have other applications as well in seating, specialized work and assembly stations and body protection. We are constantly adding new and innovative materials, such as our hygienic clear film cover. The ultimate in hygiene, this cover material can be sterilized with a bleach-and-water solution and is Class 100 clean room compatible.

SOFTWORQS Ergonomic Product Benefits:

Bad Wrist Posture:  According to OSHA, "Performing key tasks without a wrist rest may increase the angle to which user's wrists are bent.  Increasing the angle of the bend increases the contact stresses and irritation on tendons and tendon sheaths.

Good Wrist Posture:  "Use a wrist rest to maintain straight wrist postures and to minimize contact stress during typing and mousing tasks." - from