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SpaceCo LED Task Lighting Products

Desk Base Wave Light or Short Wave LED Light

Provides the desirable features of LED light without the drawbacks.  While some LEDs may have a more desirable color temperature than flourescent, conventional LED task lights often create an inadequate field of illumination, glare, light pooling high contrast illumination ratios and/or multiple shadows.  Wave Light technology eliminates these drawbacks while providing a color temperature in the ideal range as well as dimmer for adjusting illumination to the desired level.

While most LED task lights were designed as desk lights and do not integrate well with office furniture systems, the Wave light was designed to meet the most demanding quality and functional standards for the office environment while integrating with virtually any furniture system.  Wave Light, used in conjunction with ambient lighting, is a cost effective way to reduce energy costs, provide proper illumination, avoid eye strain and increase worker productivity.

Wave light powered desk base model has all the benefits of the Desk Base model with an added benefits of power outlets conveniently located on the base of the lamp.