Workrite 2560B Double Page 17" Wide Rite-In-Line Document Holder

Product ID 350


  • 17" Width
  • Supports multiple documents, binders, catalogs and manuals
  • 5.375" height adjustability
  • Slotted angle style adjusts 42° to 82°
  • Fasteners included
  • Ships fully assembled


Workrite 2560B is designed for use with an adjustable arm and platform, as well for standard desktop applications.

Technical Drawing

Dimension of WorkRite 2550 Standard Page Rite-in-line Document Holder

a = 17"

b = 9"

c = 12 - 5/16"

d = 9 - 7/16"

e = 1 - 1/2" (pad height)


Document Holder

  • Position your documents in line with your keyboard and monitor for easy reading and less discomfort
  • Strong, lightweight material means a solid, portable product for the office, home or on the road
  • 40° of angle adjustment allows perfect placement and glare reduction
  • Raise your Rite-In-Line to a comfortable level with over 5" of height adjustment
  • Non-slip base keeps the Rite-In-Line right where you place it
  • Includes Slide-Guide rule strip; It sticks to just about anything


  • Places documents directly in line with monitor, reducing bending and twisting of the neck and shoulders
  • Solid construction and design easily supports stacks of documents, binders, catalogs and manuals
  • Slotted style angle adjustment lets you instantly change angle from 42° to 82°
  • 5.375" height adjustability allows document holder to drop over front edge of work surface so that documents do not block view of monitor
  • Includes fasteners to keep document holder on work surface and the unique Slide Guide rule strip that clings to virtually any surface
  • Made with 1/4" UltraThin composite plastic

Product Options/Accessories

Model 2560B
Manufacturer Workrite Ergonomics
Part Number 2560B
UPC 029274402587
Height Adjustment 5.375"
Angle Range 42° to 82°

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