WorkRite 3170-28TG Pinnacle 2 Arm with 28" Ball Bearing Track

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WorkRite 3170-28TG Pinnacle 2 Arm with 28" Ball Bearing Track
WorkRite 3170-28TG Pinnacle 2 Arm with 28" Ball Bearing Track


Workrite Pinnacle 2 is the latest generation of the highly acclaimed PinnacleArm. With an easy-read TiltRite gauge and full-range tilt support, the Pinnacle 2 keyboard arm offers unprecedented smoothness and adjustability for maximum comfort.



Track Length


Track Width


Work Surface Depth

28" or more

Tilt Range

-15° to +10°

Height Range


Track Style

ThinGlide progressive ball-bearing slide



WorkRite Pinnacle 2 Value Arm (17" Track)


a = 27-13/16"

b = 9-1/8"

c = 25/32"


Pinnacle Arm Without Tray & Track

Pinnacle Arm Without Tray

Pinnacle Arm With Keyboard Tray

Pinnacle Arm With Keyboard Tray


Pinnacle 2 and Pinnacle 2 Value

Pinnacle 2 and Pinnacle 2 Value

Pinnacle 2 Extended

Pinnacle 2 Extended

For the most versatile solution, select a platform with an integrated ambidextrous mousing surface. Two popular choices include the Banana-Board, with its sliding mouse surface or Revo, with its quick change mouse tray.
  • Tilt range: -15° to +10°
  • No-knob, no-lever, lift-n-lock for one-touch height adjustment
  • Independent height and angle controls
  • Height range from flush to 6" below worksurface
  • 360° swivel for easy positioning and storage
  • Non-intrusive low profile track provides maximum knee clearance and smooth, consistent operation
  • Optional no-positive-tilt kit

Tilt Gauge indicates negative tilt

Tilt Gauge indicates negative tilt




Superior Tilt Range - Pinnacle 2 offers full range positive and negative tilt with a single arm to accommodate the optimal position for different needs.

Easy-Read Visual - The Pinnacle 2 tilt gauge is conveniently located on the top of the arm for easy viewing.

Adjustable Dual Spring Assist - The dual counterbalance lift assist spring is preset at the factory for optimal performance. However, with the unique combination of adjustability and dual springs, the Pinnacle 2 enables users to adjust the spring to accommodate most keyboard platforms.

Easy Adjustability - Workrite was the first to develop incremental tilt capability that does not effect height adjustment or require a tightening or clamping knob. With particular focus on employee comfort and convenience, Pinnacle 2 features an incremental tilt that is adjustable by simply rotating the knob to increase or decrease to the recommended tilt angle. This helps to maintain a straight wrist position for employees with a repetitive strain injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

Durability - All Workrite Pinnacle 2 adjustable keyboard arms meet or exceed the ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-1998 standards for performance, durability, and cycle testing. All Pinnacle 2 products carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty.



Option 1: Color





Option 2: Track Length


27-13/16" track length for desks deeper than 28".



Option 3: Swivel Plate

Swivel Plate

Swivel Plate 2179-SP: The swivel plate allows you to swivel your keyboard tray horizontally independent from the arm.

Allows keyboard and mouse platform to pivot an extra 45 degree for special mounting requirements.

  • Easy to Install
  • Mounts between the arm and keyboard platform.
  • Weight 3 lbs



Option 4: Mounting Spacer

Workrite Mounting Spacer

  • Mounting Spacer (1/4" Thickness)

  • Mounting Spacer (1/2" Thickness)

  • Mounting Spacer (3/4" Thickness)

  • Mounting Spacer (1" Thickness)

  • Mounting Spacer (1 1/4" Thickness)

  • Mounting Spacer (1 1/2" Thickness)

  • Mounting Spacer (1 3/4" Thickness)

  • Mounting Spacer (2" Thickness)

  • Mounting Spacer is required only when the edge of your desk is thicker than the rest of the worksurface.
  • Used to attach adjustable arm tracks when edge is thicker than worksurface.
  • You can add spacer to make a flat surface under the desktop from front to back in order to install the Adjustable Arm.
  • Available in 16" and 21" lengths (please specify).

WorkRite Mounting Spacers for Thick Edges

Drawing for Mounting Spacer

a = 16" or 21"

b = 11-3/4"



Option 5: Corner Solution

WorkRite 179ACD Adjustable Corner Diagonal


  • Dimensions: 12" W x 1 3/4" H.
  • Adjusts to fit 1" to 2" thick work surfaces.
  • Clamping design eliminates spacers.
  • Converts 90 degree to useable work area.
  • Weight: 3 Lbs.
  • Color: Black

WorkRite 179CCD Compact Corner Diagonal


  • a = 17.5" ... b = 9.25" ... c = 1.5"
  • Move operator closer to work surface
  • Designed specifically to fit model # 321 with Pinnacle 2 Arm. Also work with the following platform models: 187,188,487,488
  • Converts 90 degree corners and diagonal corners less than 17" to useable work area
  • Weight: 4 Lbs
  • Color: Black/Gary

WorkRite 179CR Corner Rectangle for Keyboard Arms


  • a = 26" ... b =15" ... c = 1 1/2"
  • Fits all platforms up to 28" wide
  • Works with all Workrite keyboard arms
  • Converts 90" corners and corners with keyboard cutouts to useable diagonal area
  • Weight: 4 Lbs
  • Color: Black/Gray



Option 6: Positive Tilt Lock


It is a pin that is inserted in the arm to prevent the tilt from going to positive. It restricts the adjustable arms going to negative tilt range from -6 to -15 degrees.


Product Options/Accessories

Model 3170-28TG
Manufacturer Workrite Ergonomics
Part Number 3170-28TG
UPC 029274403027

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