WorkRite 179CCD Compact Corner Diagonal - Black

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WorkRite 179CCD Compact Corner Diagonal


  • Creates Usable Work Area - Converts 90 degree curved and diagonal corners less than 17" (12" to 17") to usable work areas.
  • Get Closer to Your Work - Moves operator 2" closer to worksurface than model #179CD
  • Designed for #321RL - Specifically engineered to fit model #321RL Combo with Pinnacle 2 Arm
  • Versatile Application - Available for desks with 1.5" in thickness and in color Black. Other colors available upon quotation with minimum order of 50
  • Works with the pinnacle 2 and Pinnacle AD arms
  • Works with the following platforms: 188, 488, 2180S, 2181SN, 2100FT, 317RL, 2110D, 2110RL, 2110RLN, 321RL, 180, 187, 487
  • Dimensions: 17.5" W x 8.75"D x 1.5" H
  • Color: Black

Technical Drawing

Technical drawing for WorkRite 179CCD Compact Corner Diagonal

a = 17.5"

b = 9.25"

c = 1.5"


The Corner Sleeve and rectangle is built with a lip that allows it to slide onto a surface and allows the sleeve to secure it underneath with the wood screws provided. There are two pre-drilled holes in the lip that align with the Workrite keyboard Arm, and with the screws and lock-bolts provided you attach the arm to the corner sleeve (rectangle). After sliding the corner sleeve onto the desk, you can attached the keyboard arm to the surface underneath using the wood screws provided in both the keyboard arm box or from the package that the corner sleeve (rectangle) comes in. Once the arm is secured to the underside of the desk, you can also attach the corner sleeve to the desk using the wood screws in the package.

Model 179CCD
Manufacturer Workrite Ergonomics
Part Number 79CCD
UPC 029274400217
Color Black and Gray
Dimensions 17.5" W x 1.5" H

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WorkRite 179CCD Compact Corner Diagonal - Black