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Goldtouch Ergonomic Keyboards

Goldtouch is one of the most popular brands names in Ergonomic keyboards primarily because it offers a wide variety of keyboards. The established products in their offering are the Comfort keyboards. The GTU-0088 and GTU-0099 are split keyboards, the former for the PC and MAC and the latter for the PC only. The GTP-0044 Go!2 mobile is a perfect keyboard for travel. Just fold it in half and it is all set for travel. Despite its flexibility and portability, the Go!2 offers full-sized and silent keys, which makes typing as convenient and easy as at your home or office workstation. The latest addition in this range is the GTA-0033. Equipped with blue tooth technology and compatible with the PC and MAC, the GTA-0033 is light-weight and suitable for working on the go.