OM Seating Classic Chairs and Stools

The Classic (CLS) Series chairs were designed to make life easy for everyone, whether you're a facility manager, bank teller, or lab technician. This office chair's simplicity comes from basic adjustments that will position this ergonomic chair in the most comfortable place for you. CLS task chairs are perfectly suited for users of small to medium statures. On the other hand, CLS stools are ideal for dental and doctor offices. These stools are user-friendly and attractive, with a myriad of fabric and vinyl options to choose from, as well as ring-style height adjustment and standard safety soft casters. High drafting stools feature a unique back design that serves as back support, body side support, and abdomen support. With the standard Grande Spider package, take the guesswork out of footring adjustment to arrive at superior mobility. Simple adjustments on the seat and back height, and a height adjustable footring make this stool a good choice for healthcare environments.