Budget Keyboard Trays


We feature budget keyboard tray platforms from popular manufacturers, like: 3M, Kensington, Idea@work.  You'll find the best value keyboard tray an economically sound solution, as they are affordable, durable, and versatile.  Each keyboard tray platform can be configured for left or right-hand users.  You can configure the mouse platform to sit forward, sit in-line or hover, layered over the keyboard for the right and comfortable positioning of the wrists and hands.

Our best value under-desk keyboard trays are strong and sturdy, designed for the intensive mouse user, and can be adjusted to fit with any user's proportions.  By mounting them under the desk you create valuable working space, and can stow them neatly under the desk to keep an orderly office.

You can select under-desk keyboard trays that accommodate a separate mouse platform, adjustable for right, left or dual usage; greatly reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.  Each tray is adjustable in reach and in angle.  You can fit the keyboard tray to any individual user's size and dimensions, creating a healthy and ergonomic workspace. 

Keyboard tray platforms are capable of positive and negative tilt angles, and operate well with Neutral Reach Zone established by major ergonomic studies.  These keyboard trays promote healthy work postures and provide comfortable use for your long sessions of productivity.

We feature under desk best value keyboard trays with extension arms, and models that take up very little space under the desk.  You can call upon us for specifics about mounting, installation, and specifications to guarantee a perfect fit your workstation.

You can find the right price and product among our large inventory of keyboard trays for your workspace. From the very affordable to the top-of-the-line ergonomic trays, we offer everything from simple-to-install under desk mount trays, to the adjustable, extendable, heavy duty under desk mount trays that include a mouse platform that can mount on the left or right of the keyboard tray.

Best Value Keyboard Tray Ergonomic Notes:

Keyboard trays are vital in the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome and other wrist and hand injuries due to repetitive use and motion.  Simply by adjusting the height, reach, and angle of your keyboard tray you can make all the difference in your physical comfort and significantly create a safe, healthy, and sustainable work posture.  The positioning and the angle at which you hold your elbows, forearms, hands, and wrists is crucial in maintaining healthy postures.

The best position while seated at your workstation is to have your wrists and lower arms positioned parallel to your lab.  The tips of your fingers should be pointing slightly down in what is called a negative tilt, and your elbows should have support and be rested.  This promotes healthy circulation and prevents any unnecessary tension from building up in your wrists, arms, hands, and shoulders, resulting from extended periods at your workstation.  A keyboard tray should be positioned within comfortable reach, allowing for your hands and wrists to relax while typing, and permitting your shoulders rest while at work.

Your keyboard and mouse should be properly situated within the Neutral Reach Zone.  This is a semicircle zone that surrounds the user and is based on the span of the reach and sweep of one's lower arm while the upper arms and shoulders are resting at the side when in a natural sitting position.  Articulating keyboard trays allow you to shape and fit your workstation to your individual size and posture.