Keyboard Trays

The position of your keyboard is crucial in creating an ergonomic workstation. Repetitive strain injury is caused by raising, extending or lifting your arms when using your keyboard or mouse. An adjustable keyboard tray can help you position your keyboard close to your body, slightly above your lap, to enable your body to maintain its neutral posture. The best position while seated at your workstation is to have your wrists and forearms positioned parallel to your lap.

Adjustability is key in selecting a keyboard tray. The most important feature is the ability to adjust the height and the angle of the tilt independently. The addition of a dual mouse platform provides an extra platform for the second mouse. Research has shown that alternating between the right and left hand, when using the mouse, takes away the pressure and stress from the dominant hand and prevents long term pain and injury in arms, wrists and shoulders. Keyboard Trays can be installed under the desk for maximum ergonomic benefit or even on a wall when multiple users have access to the computer in a high-traffic area.