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You have a very informative website with lots of options for chair features. I very much appreciate the availability of chairs for us shorter people. This is a godsend! The only thing that was a problem was that there was no way for me to enter a shipping address that was different from the billing address. I am purchasing the chair myself, but using it at work (i.e. the company won't pay for the chair). I have to have the chair delivered to my work address, since I won't be at home to receive it during the day. Every time I tried to type in a different shipping address, it also changed the billing address. This was also inconvenient from a payment standpoint, since I prefer to use Paypal, but there was no way to have different shipping and billing addresses. I ended up placing the order by telephone. That said, the woman who helped me was very pleasant and helpful. I am looking forward to trying out my new chair!

Avtar Khalsa, Social Worker, Millis, MA on 09/22/2020

Great Website

SHawn Taylor, Practice Administrator, Lancaster PA on 09/21/2020

IT Is very important for me to mention to you that your sales associate Nick was so very helpful to me. When I spoke of this product he explained that his coworker next to him uses this product all the time he was looking at it as we talked. It is obvious to me and Nick said if it didn’t work she would not be using it all the time. Nick even offered to try it out for a few minutes and report back to me and himself. I told him that was not necessary but really appreciated all his efforts towards trying to sincerely help me and not just make a sale. We should all be so lucky to have employees like Nick!!! And thank you Nick!

Mike Sopher, St Petersburg, Florida on 09/08/2020

ErgoDirect should be considered the defacto, go to source for ordering custom chairs. There are just so many online chair retailers and ErgoDirect is the only one that I have seen thus far who walk you through every step of the process and never lose patience if you change your mind about configurations, colors, fabrics, etc. They are the best! Christine was my customer service rep and she far exceeded my expectations during the whole process from pre-order questions to multiple custom quotes to the final ordering procedure. She was super patient, professional and very friendly. ErgoDirect would be my only choice for future chair orders. Save yourself the headache and endless searches and just order from ErgoDirect.

Jed Kaspar Sanchez, Owner Of Bakery, South Royalton on 09/01/2020

My husband and I had truly outstanding, patient, thorough, helpful guidance from Nick Moshiri. He educated us about ergonomics, demonstrated what was possible, took an incredible amount of time to get just what we each needed, researched options, changed details, all while listening carefully to how we would use our chairs and equipment. This was an incredibly positive shopping experience. Thank you, Nick!

Bonnie Bernell, Doctor, San Carlos, CA on 08/30/2020

Excellent, personalized care. I was able to sit in some of the chairs I was interested in, sit at the desks I was considering and see the multiple options for both.

Caroline Sue Raybin, san carlos, ca. on 08/24/2020

I received a lot of assistance. We are purchasing chairs after 20+ years. Same chairs due to the great quality. Christina Davis was extremely helpful in assisting me with making decisions for our surgery center. We are all looking forward to new chairs.

Karely Deal, RN; Center Director, Inglewood, CA on 07/22/2020

My experience was more than exemplary due to the assistance of Christina Davis. Christina answered every inquiry I had with utmost care and professionalism. I truly appreciate her honesty above all when I requested her opinion on various topics. The feeling I had following the conclusion of each one of our interactions was one of exuberance and positivity.

Shawn McGrath on 07/07/2020

Ordering was easy. I contacted ED for fabric samples and got excellent customer service. They send me the samples right away. It took me months to get around to ordering because of COVID-19, but I just did (hello, birthday month!). I wish there were better descriptions (perhaps videos?) of the various options, especially the wheels and gliders, because the descriptions don't make sense. (Why would I want a chair NOT to move when I'm using it - how else will I get in/out of it and move it into the correct place at my table/desk?) So I went with the basic gliders - it was just stressing me out trying to figure out which wheels would work for me (this will be my sewing stool - it needs to not move when I'm pressing on the foot control, but move easily when I need to push it back to stand up and go to the iron, then sit back down and scoot back up to the sewing machine again, repeat, repeat, repeat...). The other thing is that it doesn't say how long my order will take to fill and ship. It's a complete mystery. I hunted for this stool because my sewing class at the local college got them new last year, and they were really comfortable and sturdy (I don't do well on stools normally, so I know this one is safe for me). Choosing the fabric, on the other hand, was kind of a nightmare. There's almost TOO much information! We had fun googling some of the terms to make sure we understood them. All of these fabrics are better quality than anything you'll find at a store on a stool made in China, so we went with the color that looked best in my sewing room (though I wish there were more color choices - no mustard/yellow so we went with the Sorrel green). I'm super excited to get my new sewing stool - it's the final touch in my new sewing studio! I know it will last me years and keep me from getting super grumpy after sewing for hours and getting sore from the stool or chair I normally use. Thank you!

Jeannette Steed, Sacramento, CA on 07/01/2020

I worked with Nick Moshiri. I am very impressed with how fast and informative his responses were. He helped me find the measurements, thought aloud with me on what might make sense - pros and cons of various options, priced out various combinations, and found out information from the manufacturer - I just cannot ask for more. And, last but not least, he was super friendly and a pleasure to work with. I will definitely recommend Nick and ErgoDirect to my colleagues.

Jayaram Mudigonda, Mountain View, CA on 06/20/2020

The website is rather basic, and when first shown the options for the office master chairs, was a bit overwhelming. However, the customer support was exceptional. The person was able to give me insight and knowledge on what to choose, and made the process very easy. The customer support was very influential on me choosing the Office Master DB74 over competitors like Steel Case and Autonomous.

Peter Nguyen, 3051 Ware House Clerk, Raleigh, NC on 05/21/2020

Awsome! Allyza from Ergodirect was very responsive to all my questions. I requested fabric samples and received them very quickly. Then asked for a quote and received it within 24 hours. The online quote approval, order, and purchase process was easy and fast!

Wendell Garrett, Senior Management Analyst, Sacramento, CA on 05/20/2020

I was pleased with my purchase experience at I was able to identify a monitor arm that suited my needs, and the arm arrived fairly quickly - certainly faster than one should reasonably expect during a global pandemic. The product was free of damage, and the fit and finish were excellent. Finally, instructions were clear, and access to follow-up support were provided, though I did not need it. I would recommend without reservation.

Tim Lewis, Escondido, CA on 05/07/2020

Fantastic . My husband has purchased from you and had a great experience as well

Monica Lal, Membership Development Manager, Monterey, California on 05/05/2020

Christina Davis is excellent, quick responsiveness, answered my questions, ddidn't try to up sell me AND gave me a discount. Web site is very easy to use. Good stuff one and all. Now if we can get back to work and they can start building my new, awesome chair.

Jane Kohner, San Leandro, CA on 04/29/2020

Christina Davis, She was so helpful for the parts that I needed. She helped me find them track them down and have them coming my way. Next time I need anything from Ergodirect I will be calling Christina Davis. Thanks again and please be safe Joe

Joseph, Port st lucie FL on 04/13/2020

My experience with ErgoDirect today was awesome. I have toiled over the purchase of a mobile workstation for awhile because even though I have a pretty good stationary work-from-home set-up, the state-wide telework for non-essential workers means my stationary work station is more regularly used by other family members, so I needed a second solution. After all my research I landed at the ErgoDirect website because the pricing was the BEST of the listed resellers. The default shipping cost came up higher than most, however, so I gave a call to gain some understanding. Christina took my call, was very friendly and understanding and within minutes assessed what I needed, provided next steps and a potential solution. Just like that. She mentioned it would require a quick response from the shipping department and was comfortable indicating they'll likely support a quick response as well even near the end of the day (shout out to the shipping department who never gets enough props!). She knew I was looking to make my purchase today and get this off my plate, if possible. She provided me with a clear understanding of what would happen once we got off the phone, how I would next hear from her and be able to complete my order, if I decided to go with ErgoDirect. Everything she said happened the way she said it would. The follow-up quote and direct link to order made it SO EASY...I ordered right away!! Amidst all this pandemic craziness it was refreshing to focus on the transaction, receive friendly service and save quite a bit of money because Christina was willing to assist me. Thank you very much for a positive experience!

Melissa, Riverside, CA on 04/09/2020

Excellent, Christina was wonderful to work with and professional! A pleasure!

Edward Feldman, Potomac MD on 03/10/2020

I recently called and spoke with Christina. She was extremely professional and knowledgeable. I am a nurse with neck and back problems and really needed the perfect ergonomic solution. She quickly helped me choose the right product. I was going to order the wrong item and she helped me avoid doing that by knowing the product and helping me choose the correct options. She was so nice and patient with all my questions and sent me multiple quotes. Extremely professional and courteous service. I will definitely be buying my future products from your company.

Angie, Blue Springs, Mo on 02/20/2020

So pleased! Ordering the chair and having all the drop down easy to read menus was excellent. Cannot wait to receive the new chair.

Sharon Batts, Ergo Chair, San Ramon, California on 11/20/2019

I’m a new customer, just placed an order through the ErgoDirect team, have been extremely pleased with the service to date. I only reached out to ErgoDirect because a competitor (CDW), a major online player, who’s price was ~30% better, was temporarily out of stock. I wanted to inquire about a price match, given that they had stock. The customer account executive was extremely helpful, only asking for the competitor product information. Ultimately, once the shipping costs (free shipping from ErgoDirect) were taken into account, ErgoDirect was ~17% better priced, and immediately available. The overall order cost was very minimal ($36), which only enhanced my opinion of the customer service and continued follow up. I’ve written less than ten online reviews ever, but felt compelled to recognize the service I received. The team members went above and beyond to earn my future business, and ultimately this review. Looking forward to future orders!

Dan Mayfield, Aerospace Engineering Program Manager, Seattle, WA on 10/31/2019

Excellent customer service. Responsive, helpful, knowledgeable representative.

David Bell, Beaverton, OR on 10/30/2019

It was a very good experience...and when I had questions I was able to pick up the phone and your personnel were so knowledgeable and helpful. It's not like I have ever ordered a office chair was always pointing and made a grunting noise for the chair that looked like it would work. It was great to work with your people! Looking forward to my new custom chair that is being built to my specs. I know that Control Room Operators are extremely happy with the new chairs that they received last month!

Matt Edalgo, I & E Tech, CROCKETT, CA. on 08/28/2019

Thanks to Evert! Excellent customer service with exceptional product.

Regina Roberto, Director, Worcester, MA on 08/14/2019

It has been a pleasure working with Christina to get an ideal chair for my home computer station. The style and fabric choices required the approval of my wife. Christina's persistence and suggestions were key and my wife and I could not be more pleased with the result. I have given your info to another acquaintance. Thank you.

Dan Goldstein, Palm Beach Gardens, FL on 08/10/2019