WorkRite UB2110D-25 Dual Mouse Keyboard Platform

“Build your own system, base starts as keyboard tray only”. Dual Mouse Keyboard Tray.
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Part Number Description
UB-2110D-25 Black UltraThin Dual Mouse Adjustable Keyboard Tray with Jel
WorkRite UB2110D-25 or UG2110D-26 Dual Mouse Keyboard Platform


Dual Swivel-Out Platforms for Maximum Comfort: This keyboard system features our Advantage-Dual platform with two swivel-out mouse surfaces and our Pinnacle 2 Value Arm. Dual mouse platforms enable users to alternate mouse positions, reducing muscle strain. The efficient design of the mouse platforms reduce the incidence of lifting and repositioning the mouse, a factor in repetitive stress injuries.

Adjustability: Equipped with a Pinnacle 2 Value adjustable keyboard arm with

  • No-knob, no-lever height adjustment
  • Dual adjustable lift-assist springs provide optimal balance and smooth movement

Adaptable: The ¼" Ultra-Thin phenolic platform minimizes the distance between the forearm and thigh, providing a greater range of ergonomic fit. The Advantage Dual keyboard platform also features the Optimizer with built-in document holder and cord manager.

Functional: The Advantage - Dual System is adaptable to fit virtually all workstation shape and size requirements.

Durability: The Advantage - Dual System meets or exceeds the ANSI/BIFMA standards for performance, durability, and cycle testing, and is backed by Workrite’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Technical Drawing

Diagram for WorkRite UB2110D-25 or UG2110D-25 Dual Combo Adjustable Keyboard Platform
Workrite Keyboard Tray Tilt

Desk Compatibility

Desk Compatibility


Dual Mouse Keyboard Platform

  • Dual swivel-out mouse platforms store under keyboard when not in use
  • Mouse-trap keeps mouse in place
  • Mouse platforms slide to adjust to Mouse-Forward position for improved comfort
  • Ultra-thin phenolic platform includes our Optimizer document holder and cable management system and removable memory foam palm support
  • Two swivel out mouse platforms provide mouse-forward positioning and store under keyboard tray when not in use
  • Dual mouse platforms enable instantaneous conversion for left or right handed usersool
  • Platform requires at least 18″ radius or 17″ diagonal for proper installation or use
  • Available in black
  • Mouse platform palm support sold separately

Keyboard Arm

  • Pinnacle 2 Arm with 17" or 22" low profile ball bearing track
  • Height range: flush to 6" below the worksurface
  • Tilt range: -15 degree to +10 degree
  • 360 degree swivel - easy positioning and storage
  • No-knob, no-lever Lift-N-Lock
  • Maximum knee clearance

LEED Eligibility

  • All Advantage-Dual Systems exceed LEED requirement MR4.2 (20% recycled content) and may be eligible for up to 2 points
  • Ultra-Thin platform surface made from GREENGUARD certified materials

Option 1: Color


Option 2: Arm Type

Pinnacle 2 Arm - Pinnacle 2 Extended Arm - Pinnacle AD Arm - Budget Arm - Locking Lever Arm

Pinnacle 2 Arm

WorkRite 3170-22TG Pinnacle 2 Arm with 22" Ball Bearing Track

22" Track (recommended track length)

Pinnacle 2 Arm (Short Track)

WorkRite 3170-17TG Pinnacle 2 Arm with 17" Ball Bearing Track

17" Track (short track)

Pinnacle Arm 2 Extended

Workrite 3172-22TG Pinnacle 2 Extended Keyboard Arm - 22" Track

Longer Arm for corner area

Pinnacle Budget Arm

WorkRite 3175-22N Pinnacle 2 Value Arm - 22" Nylon Glide Track

22" or 17" Budget Arm

Pinnacle AD Arm

WorkRite 3176-22TG Pinnacle AD Keyboard Arm - 22" Track

Above Desk Range

Option 3: Wrist Rest

Wrist Rest

Jel inside Synthetic Leather "Jel-LetherRite"

WorkRite 128 Wrist Rest: Palm support for use with existing keyboard trays and roll-out keyboard drawers. For use with roll-out keyboard drawers and other applications.

Option 4: Clip-On Mouse Support

Easily clips on and off for storage

Easily clips on and off for storage

Clip On Mouse Support Model 2120

Clip On Mouse Support Model 2120
  • Supports Wrist for Ergonomic Mousing
  • Adds mouse area palm support to the following products
  • Banana-Board REVO Platforms Mouse-Under Platforms 180S Platforms
  • Easy to Attach
  • Easily clips on and off for storage

Option 5: Swivel Plate

Swivel Plate

Swivel Plate 2179-SP: The swivel plate allows you to swivel your keyboard tray horizontally independent from the arm.

Allows keyboard and mouse platform to pivot an extra 45 degree for special mounting requirements.

  • Easy to Install
  • Mounts between the arm and keyboard platform.
  • Weight 3 lbs

Option 6: Mounting Spacer

Workrite Mounting Spacer
  • Mounting Spacer (1/4" Thickness)
  • Mounting Spacer (1/2" Thickness)
  • Mounting Spacer (3/4" Thickness)
  • Mounting Spacer (1" Thickness)
  • Mounting Spacer (1 1/4" Thickness)
  • Mounting Spacer (1 1/2" Thickness)
  • Mounting Spacer (1 3/4" Thickness)
  • Mounting Spacer (2" Thickness)
  • Mounting Spacer is required only when the edge of your desk is thicker than the rest of the worksurface.
  • Used to attach adjustable arm tracks when edge is thicker than worksurface.
  • You can add spacer to make a flat surface under the desktop from front to back in order to install the Adjustable Arm.
  • Available in 16" and 21" lengths (please specify).
WorkRite Mounting Spacers for Thick Edges
Drawing for Mounting Spacer

Option 7: Corner Solution


  • Dimensions: 12" W x 1 3/4" H.
  • Adjusts to fit 1" to 2" thick work surfaces.
  • Clamping design eliminates spacers.
  • Converts 90 degree to useable work area.
  • Weight: 3 Lbs.
  • Color: Black


  • a = 17.5" ... b = 9.25" ... c = 1.5"
  • Move operator closer to work surface
  • Designed specifically to fit model # 321 with Pinnacle 2 Arm. Also work with the following platform models: 187,188,487,488
  • Converts 90 degree corners and diagonal corners less than 17" to useable work area
  • Weight: 4 Lbs
  • Color: Black/Gary


  • a = 26" ... b =15" ... c = 1 1/2"
  • Fits all platforms up to 28" wide
  • Works with all WorkRite keyboard arms
  • Converts 90" corners and corners with keyboard cutouts to useable diagonal area
  • Weight: 4 Lbs
  • Color: Black/Gray

Option 8: Track Length

  • Desk has more than 22" clear space under desktop, front to back
  • Less than 22" and more than 17" clearance under desktop, front to back
  • Desk has less than 17" clear space under desktop, front to back

Option 9: Positive Tilt Lock

It is a pin that is inserted in the arm to prevent the tilt from going to positive. It restricts the adjustable arms going to negative tilt range from -6 to -15 degrees.

Model UB2110D-25
Manufacturer Workrite Ergonomics
Part Number UB2110D-25
UPC 029274409746

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WorkRite UB2110D-25 Dual Mouse Keyboard Platform