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WorkRite 386RLN-25 Reversible Microsoft Natural 281/2 inch Special Order (Non-Returnable)

“Build your own system, base starts as keyboard tray only”
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WorkRite 386RLN Reversible for Microsoft (R) Natural 281/2" Special Order UB386RLN-25


General Information








WorkRite 386RLN Reversible for Microsoft (R) Natural 281/2" Special Order


WorkRite 386RLN-25 Reversible Microsoft Natural 281/2 inch Special Order (Non-Returnable)








Microsoft Natural Platform for Straightaways (28-1/2" x 11-7/8") Reversible Microsoft Natural keyboard and mouse platform with Mouse-Forward mousing area.

New Includes The Optimizer Keyboard Platform Enhancement.

The Optimizer incorporates many of the unique features found in our best selling Banana-Board keyboard platform and is included with this platform at no additional charge.

Designed for Microsoft Natural Keyboards. Keyboard area is contoured for the Microsoft Natural or Natural Elite keyboard.

WorkRite 386RLN for Right or Left Handed Users. Mouse area can be configured on the right or left of the platform. WorkRite 386RLN Comfortable Mouse-Forward Design.

Mouse-Forward design positions the mousing area closer to the user, in a more natural location.Fits the Following Worksurfaces Straightaways

The manufacturer does not accept return of special orders.



Step 1: Choose your Color :


Gray.jpg Gray



Step 2 : Mousing Hand :
Mouse Platform For Right Hand

Mouse Platform For Left Hand

Mouse Platform For Both Hands



Step 3 : Choose your Material :
Classic : 5/8" thick particleboard with melamine cover.

Ultra Thin : 1/4" Phenolic platform is very light and extremely tough, it doesn't break and it doesn't change color. All Ultra-Thin platforms have the Optimizer, and integrated keyboard cord management feature, along with a built-in document holder and mouse cord retainer.

Ultra Thin platform features Optimizer document holder and cable management system.



Step 4 : Choose your Adjustable Arm Type: Pinnacle 2 Arm - Pinnacle 2 Extended Arm - Pinnacle AD Arm - Budget Arm - Locking Lever Arm


Pinnacle 2 Arm


22" Track ( recommended track length )



( short track ) Pinnacle 2 Arm



17" Track ( short track )


Pinnacle Arm 2 Extended

Longer Arm for corner area

Pinnacle Budget Arm

22" or 17" Budget Arm



Pinnacle AD Arm

WorkRite 3176 Pinnacle AD Adjustable Keyboard Arm


Pinnacle AD Arm ( with Above Desk Range )



Locking Lever Arm


ADA Lever Allows Easy Adjustment




Step 5 : Choose your Swivel Plate :
Swivel Plate




Allows keyboard and mouse platform to pivot an extra 45° for special mounting requirements.

  • Easy to Install

  • Mounts between the arm and keyboard platform.

2179 -SP Swivel Plate 3 Lbs.



Step 6 : Choose your Mounting Spacer :



Mounting Spacer




  • Required only when the edge is thicker than the rest of the worksuface.

  • Available in 16" and 21" lengths (please specify).

Mounting Spacer (1/4" Thickness)
Mounting Spacer (1/2" Thickness)
Mounting Spacer (3/4" Thickness)
Mounting Spacer (1" Thickness)
Mounting Spacer (1 1/4" Thickness)
Mounting Spacer (1 1/2" Thickness)
Mounting Spacer (1 3/4" Thickness)
Mounting Spacer (2" Thickness)



Step 7 : Choose your Adjustable Corner :





  • Dimensions: 12" W x 1 3/4" H.

  • Adjusts to fit 1" to 2" thick work surfaces.

  • Clamping design eliminates spacers.

  • Converts 90 degree to useable work area.

  • Weight: 3 Lbs.

  • Color: Black








  • a = 17.5" ... b = 9.25" ... c = 1.5"

  • Move operator closer to work surface.

  • Designed specifically to fit model # 321 with Pinnacle 2 Arm. Also work with the following platform models: 187,188,487,488.

  • Converts 90 degree corners and diagonal corners less than 17" to useable work area.

  • Weight: 4 Lbs.

  • Color: Black / Gary.







  • a = 26" ... b =15" ... c = 1 1/2".

  • Fits all platforms up to 28" wide.

  • Works with all WorkRite keyboard arms.

  • Converts 90" corners and corners with keyboard cutouts to useable diagonal area.

  • Weight: 4 Lbs.

  • Color: Black / Gray.









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Model 386RLN-25
Manufacturer Workrite Ergonomics
Part Number 386RLN-25

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WorkRite 386RLN-25 Reversible Microsoft Natural 281/2 inch Special Order (Non-Returnable)