Humanscale Para/Flex Adjustable Flexible Multi Monitor Arm

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  • This arm offers no height adjustability

  • Dual post is recommended for greater support of the monitors and add-ons in the future

  • Monitors need to be VESA compliant and not larger than 24"

  • Width of the monitors should not be more than 23" and the weight no more than 30 lbs

  • This would clamp to flat surface and beveled edge is not recommended

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Humanscale Para/Flex is the ultimate computer support solution for virtually any multiple-monitor application. Designed for time- and money-saving installation and reconfiguration, it offers flexible ergonomic viewing of up to eight monitors on a single mount. Monitors can be added or removed quickly and easily, as Para/Flex expands and collapses with almost no effort. Offering a number of versatile viewing options, the second row crossbar removes easily to accommodate space constraints.



  • Most flexible, user-friendly multi-monitor display on the market.

  • Highly customizable design accommodates two to eight monitors.

  • Fully integrated upper row adjusts and reconfigures using a self-contained locking mechanism that requires no additional tools or parts.

  • Rock-solid construction supports any number or configuration of monitors.

  • Creates a flat, linear display or smooth, parabolic display.

  • Design accommodates unique, visually interesting configuration options.

  • Cable management system eliminates unsightly cable clutter.

  • Designed for instant reconfiguration, Para/Flex allows for quick and easy moves, additions and changes.

  • Hand crank and dual-gear mechanism facilitate height adjustment of the entire display.

  • Independent crossbar height adjustment accommodates any monitor height in landscape or portrait view.

  • Crossbar wings unfold to accommodate three or four monitors and fold away to hide behind one or two monitors.

  • Crossbar wings adjust front-to-back to create curved or flat displays.

  • Monitors uninstall quickly and easily via Humanscale’s innovative Quick Release mechanism.

  • Monitors slide on gliders to provide virtually effortless lateral adjustment, greatly simplifying installation and configuration.

  • Individual monitor fine-tune adjustment allows for perfect monitor alignment.

  • Cable management system organizes and hides cables throughout the Para/Flex system, providing a clean appearance with instant accessibility.



  • Single unit accommodates one to eight monitors

  • Each crossbar accommodates up to four 24" monitors or three 30" monitors

  • Entire display height adjustable up to 10"

  • Mount options: Desk Mount, Beam Mount, Slatwall Mount

  • 10 year 24/7 warranty



Para/Flex is a great example of Humanscale's environmental purpose.

  • Made predominantly of aluminum, followed by steel and plastic

  • Contains 68% recycled content

  • 99% recyclable

Earn LEED Credits - ParaFlex Plus can help building projects achieve valuable LEED credits.



LEED For Commercial Interiors New Construction Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance
Materials & Resources Credit 3.3
Resource Reuse, 30%
Furniture & Furnishings
Credit 4.1
Recycled Content, 10%
Credit 4.2
Recycled Content, 20%
Credit 5.1
Regional Materials, 20% Manufactured Regionally
Credit 3.1
Materials Reuse, 5%
Credit 3.2
Materials Reuse, 10%
Credit 4.1
Recycled Content, 10%
Credit 4.2
Recycled Content, 20%
Innovation & Design Credit 1.1 - 1.4
Innovation in Design: Ergonomics Strategy
Credit 1.1 - 1.4
Innovation in Design: Ergonomics Strategy
Innovation in Operations     Credit 1.1 - 1.4
Innovation in Operations: Ergonomics Strategy



Option 1 - Color

Silver Color




Option 2 - First Row Crossbar   

  • 1 - Base Unit with Standard Lower Crossbar

  • X - No Base Unit, No First-Row Crossbar (use when ordering Second-Row only)



Option 3 - Second Row Crossbar   

  • 2 - Second-Row Crossbar Assembly

  • X - No Second-Row Crossbar Assembly (use when ordering one row only)



Option 4 - Mount Style   

  • NM - No Mount (use when ordering Second-Row only)

  • DM - Desk Mount

  • CM - Clamp Mount



Option 5 - Wing Length   

  • Standard 14.5" Wings - (4) Monitors up to 18.5" Wide

  • L - Long 20" Wings - (4) Monitors up to 21" Wide



Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I would like to have 1 row of 3 monitors and a second row of 3 monitors. These monitors I would like to be 24 inches each. Would this product be able to handle 6x24 inch monitors? If, not what is the maximum it can hold with 2 rows of 3 monitors? Answer: Yes, the Para/Flex will work for mounting two rows of three 24" monitors. We recommend that you use dual post, as it provides greater support for the monitors. Please make sure that the monitors are not bigger than 24", they are VESA compliant and they do not weigh more than 30 lbs. When clamping to the desk, please make sure that it is clamped to the flat surface as it would not be sturdy with a beveled edge. The thickness of the edge should be at least 3".
Model ParaFlex
Manufacturer Humanscale
Part Number ParaFlex
Mounting Options Desk
Mounting Options Slatwall
Mounting Options Pole
Monitor Arm Types 1 Monitor
Monitor Arm Types 2 Monitors
Monitor Arm Types 3 Monitors
Monitor Arm Types 4 Monitors
Monitor Arm Types 5 Monitors
Monitor Arm Types 6+ Monitors
Number of Monitors 1 Monitor
Number of Monitors 2 Monitors
Number of Monitors 3 Monitors
Number of Monitors 4 Monitors
Number of Monitors 5 Monitors
Number of Monitors 6+ Monitors

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Humanscale Para/Flex Adjustable Flexible Multi Monitor Arm