ED-WGH adds weight to monitor arm, iPad mount

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  • Add weight to monitor arm or iPad mount with this adapter plate
  • Option to add 2.12 lbs or 4.38 lbs
  • Helps monitor or iPad mount reach minimum weight requirements
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The ED-WGH adds 2.12 (VESA plate with 100x100) or 4.38lbs (VESA plate with 100x100, 75x75 pattern) weight to your monitor arm or mount. If your monitor or iPad does not meet the minimum weight requirement for the arm, it will be too light for the arm, making it spring upward. Then the whole purpose of an adjustable mount is lost. Adding the ED-WGH to your monitor will make it heavy enough so that the arm stays at your desired height.


Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing for Chief KRA400B iPad Adapter Plate






ED-WGH4 - 100x100, 75x75 (4.38 lbs)

ED-WGH2 - 100x100 (2.12 lbs)

Shipping Weight

ED-WGH4 - 5.9 lbs

ED-WGH2 - 2.59 lbs



  • Add 4.38 lbs/2.12 lbs weight to your workstation Arm
  • TAA Compliant
Model ED-WGH
Manufacturer Ergodirect
Part Number ED-WGH
Color Black
Shipping Weight 6.5 lbs
Adapter Type VESA

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ED-WGH adds weight to monitor arm, iPad mount

VESA Adapter Plate adds 6.5 lbs which might not be needed if you have an older monitor, May 16, 2016
by Cathy S, Oregon
Screws used to connect the 6.5 lb adapter plate to the back of the monitor did not take into account the depth of the mounting fixture attached to the monitor plus the total depth to the screw mount on the back of the monitor. (the screws needed to be about 4mm longer) Plus, it seemed as if the 7mm screws used for the conversion plate were barely going to hold all of combined weight. I ended up in the final build not using the 6.5 lb as the 24in monitor provided enough weight. I'll keep the weight in case I swap out old monitor for a new lightweight style as I notice the backs on the newer monitors are flush as the pedestal is attached towards the base.
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Saved us a lot of money, Jan 13, 2016
by Marty S, Texas
Thank you for having this and getting it to us so quickly, we ordered heavy duty monitor arms for our customer, and they decided to switch monitors before the order arrived and went to much lighter ones. If it hadn't been for this solution I would have had to reorder a lot of monitor arms which would have cost us a lot more money!
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