Kinesis KB800PB-us-20 Freestyle2 Split Keyboard for PC

20 inch separation

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Kinesis KB800PB-us-20 Freestyle2 Split Keyboard for PC
Kinesis KB800PB-us-20 Freestyle2 Split Keyboard for PC




Kinesis KB800PB-us-20 is perfect for individuals requiring greater separation than the 9 inches that is provided by the standard Freestyle Solo. This version of the Freestyle 2 provides up to 20 inches of separation between each keying module.



  • Sleek low profile: minimal height, effectively creates negative slope and reduces extension.
  • Ideal for both office and travel use.
  • Narrow foot print for comfortable mousing and keying.
  • Separate and adjustable left/right keying modules.
  • Low-force key switches.
  • Embedded 10 key.
  • Familiar key layout provides for minimal adaptation time.
  • Driverless hot keys for commonly used mouse actions (Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Page Fwd, Page Bk, and Web Home).
  • Up to 20 inches of complete separation between the left and right keying modules. Ideal for positioning a 10-keypad, trackball, or touchpad in the space between each module.
  • Adjusts for both shoulder width, arm and wrist angle.
  • Both modules can be attached with the included Pivot Tether while still allowing an infinite amount of splay.
  • Key switch - Peak force: 44 grams; Activation force: 35 grams; Travel distance: 3.9 mm; Switch type: Rubber dome, membrane.



Width of 20" version

Min: 15.375"; Max: 37.75"

Distance between F and J Keys: Min: 3.5"; Max: 25.75"


7.125", palm supports installed: 10"

Max Height



2 lbs

Shipping Weight

3 lbs

USB Cable Length

6 feet



  • Requires available USB port
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Sun and Linux
  • Compatible with PC, and Linux systems - Hot Keys for Sun, Linux, remote access, and terminal emulation: Hot keys on the PC Freestyle are designed for Windows and may not be supported by Linux, Sun, Macintosh systems or by some browsers. Some hot keys will not work if you are using terminal emulation or remote access



  • The Ultra-slim design of the Freestyle2 makes it ideal for both office and travel use.
  • Perfect for individuals requiring greater separation than what is provided by other ergonomic keyboards.
  • The best choice for companies that want to standardize on one keyboard for all but the most extreme ergonomic requirements. The Freestyle2 serves as an enhanced traditional compact keyboard but offers users the additional ability to splay and separate the two keying modules. Coupled with the user convertible configurations possible with the optional accessory kits, the Freestyle family offers the most configurations of any ergonomic keyboard, and at a very affordable price.
  • A great option for users that want to place a trackball, touchpad or a separate 10-key between the two modules.
  • Integrates well with Contour Design's RollerMouse.


Frequently Asked Questions

q Is there a version of this keyboard that is compatible with MAC?

Yes, there is. The Kinesis KB800HMB is compatible with MAC.

Model KB800PB-us-20
Manufacturer Kinesis
Part Number KB800PB-us-20
UPC 607998800041
Warranty Two year limited warranty
Depth 7.125 inches; palm supports installed: 10
Maximum height 0.875 in
Weight 2 lbs
USB Cable Length 6 feet
Shipping Weight 3 lbs
Ergonomic Keyboard Yes
Connection Type USB
Wireless No
Connection Type PS/2

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Warranty and Return Policy

Please review the following (3) stipulations to the warranty and returns policy that are unique to the TKO keyboard.

  1. Warranty: 1 year limited from date of purchase.

  2. Returns: A $35 restocking fee will be charged for TKO keyboards that are returned without the hard-shell travel case included.

  3. Warranty Exemption on Hot Swappable Switch Sockets: This Warranty does not apply to damage to switch sockets caused by the customer. If a customer receives a product with a broken switch they must contact Kinesis within 7 days of purchase and submit a Support Ticket documenting the switch failure. Damage to switch sockets reported after 7 days will be assumed to have been the fault of the customer and will not be covered under warranty. If Kinesis receives a returned keyboard after 7 days and determines that the failure was caused by a damaged socket, warranty coverage will be denied.

Please refer to the Kinesis Gaming Warranty Page for further information.