Innovative 9110-8.5 Wall Mount, EVO5501 Laptop Holder

Wall mount 9110 is available in different extension arms like 9110-8.5 (8.5" extension) or 9110-8.5-4 (8.5" & 4" extensions) or 9110-4-4 (2x4" extension arms) or 9110-8.5-8.5 (2x8.5" extensions)

Now includes Next Generation Tilter 8500 (not shown in the image). Please see Description for more details.

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Innovative 9110-8.5 Wall Mount, EVO5501 Laptop Holder
Wall Mount Notebook Arm with 8.5" and 4" Extenison
Innovative 9110-8.5 Wall Mount, EVO5501 Laptop Holder
Wall Mount Notebook Arm with 8.5" and 4" Extenison


Hang your Laptop on the wall to save maximum space. Allows pivot and tilt. For 9110-8.5, includes 8.5-inch extender arm for greater flexibility and range. For 9110-8.5-4, includes 2 extension arms (8.5 and 4-inches) for 12.5 inches of reach. For 9110-4-4, includes 2 extender arms (4") for total 8" of reach and for 9110-8.5-8.5, includes 2 extension arms (8.5") for total 17" of reach.

Attaches to arm via quick-install mechanism. Configures to support laptops or tablet PCs. Discover a new way of interfacing with your tablet PC or laptop, the EVO Tablet Arm suspends your portable above the desk where it can be instantly repositioned for comfortable viewing. Combine with a wireless keyboard and mouse to create an ergonomic docking station for your computer. It's an ideal solution for workers on the move. Improve productivity while working at your primary desk, then simply grab the computer and go when it's time to leave.



Please note this monitor arm was updated in January 2022. The manufacturer, Innovative Design Works, has upgraded this part.

Tilter - A tilter is part of the adjustable monitor arm that attaches to the back of your monitor and allows the monitor to rotate, pivot, and tilt to the desired position. The standard tilter 8336 has been replaced with Next Gen Tilter 8500 in this monitor arm. The new tilter is slim, sleek, and easy to install and release, thanks to its quick-release bracket. It has a weight capacity of 30 lbs and is offered with both 75mm and 100 mm VESA patterns.

Innovative 8500 Quick Release Monitor Tilter
8500 Quick Release Monitor Tilter
Innovative 8336 Standard Monitor Tilter Head
8336 Standard Monitor Tilter

Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing for Innovative 9110-8.5-QR-EVO5501 Wall Mount Laptop Arm with QR Tilter


Technical Specifications



30 degree up and down or left to right


Landscape to portrait

Mounting Options



Minimum Width

10.5" (26.7 cm)


9.1" (23.1 cm)

Length with Clips

  • 0.6" (1.5 cm)
  • 0.9" (2.3 cm) Minimum
  • 1.8" (4.6 cm)
  • 2.1" (5.3 cm) Maximum


Tablet PCs and Laptops




EVO 5501

  • Adapts to support both tablet PCs and laptops
  • Securely grips tablet or laptop, with quick attach and release
  • Adjustable clasps allow free access to jacks and ports
  • When used with tablet PCs, enables one-handed use of the tablet
  • Allows tablet to be used in portrait or landscape position
  • Mounting arm floats computer above desk - simply grab and move to desired position
  • Arm extends up to 18", with vertical adjustment of +/- 5" from horizontal
  • Integrated cable management keeps cords off the desk
  • Mount clamps to desk or through grommet with integrated handle (may also combine with slatwall, slatrail or wall mount)


  • Adjustable tension at joints - ideal for touch-screen applications
  • Display can tilt up and down 30 degree and turn left and right 30 degree
  • Pivot monitors from portrait to landscape
  • Includes 8.5" extension arm; combine extension arms to increase reach

Frequently Asked Questions

q Can this unit be used in a medical office without keyboard and mouse? More specifically, can it withstand some light data entry, or will we be putting the laptop at risk of falling out of the unit. Also, how secure is the laptop in this arm? In the video it looked as if the clips could easily "unclip" causing the laptop to fall. This would be detrimental to our workflow,and end up costing us a tremendous amount of money to have the laptop non-working, as it controls some pretty important instruments.

The clips cannot be taken off so they cannot unclip unless somebody breaks them off. We use one of these in our office and never had an issue with movement of the laptop. So unless somebody runs into the arm or is being rough with the unit there should be no issue. It works great for data entry.

Model 9110-8.5, EVO5501
Manufacturer Innovative LCD Arms
Part Number 9110-8.5, EVO5501
Color 104 - Vista Black
Tilt Up and down 30 degree
Mounting Options Wall
Pivot Landscape to portrait

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by Derek S, Dayton, Ohio, Aug 27, 2019

Thank you for the great service and the quick delivery. My customer was extremely happy with the product and most likely will order this again for another project.

Thank you,


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