Flexispot Motorized AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converter - EM7MB

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  • Electric sit-stand desk converter
  • Adjust the desk height with a push of a button to the desired level
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Dimensions: 35.8"W x 16.3"D
  • Weight capacity: up to 55 lbs
  • 12" Height adjustment


Flexispot's desktop workstation provides an easy way to transition between sitting and standing throughout the workday.

  • 12" height adjustment levels
  • Large work surface
  • Simple one-step assembly

Staying in motion throughout your workday is a breeze with FlexiSpot’s Electric Desk Riser (EM7MB). By gently pressing a button, you can instantly shift from sitting to standing - no heavy lifting necessary. Plus, it’s super quiet so you’ll never disturb those who work near you. Even if your workstation has limited space, the compact design is sure to be an ideal fit, while also being sturdy enough to hold up to 55

FlexiSpot designs and manufactures height adjustable desks and desktop workstations. Our products provide quick, easy and stable transitions between sitting and standing. We offer a healthier approach to using a computer with our attractively crafted workspace solutions.

The EM7MB electric sit-stand desk allows quick switching from sitting to standing just by pressing a button. Now absolutely every-body can feel the health benefits of a sit to stand workspace! The engine is smooth and quiet so be sure to switch positions several times per day for the best benefit.

  • Push button controls
  • 55 lbs weight capacity
  • Raises work surface 20" above table top
  • Large space for keyboard or laptop

Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing for Flexispot EM7MB Motorized AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converter


Color Black
Weight Capacity Up to 55 lbs (25 kg)
Height Adjustment 4.7"-19.9" (120-505 mm)
Dimensions 35.8" W x 16.3" D (910 x 415 mm)
Monitor Size One screen up to 35"


  • No more Heavy Lifting - This motorized desk riser allows you to adjust the desk height with a button to a level that perfectly suits you with versatile height settings. Lift and lower your desk without the struggle of traditional risers, perfect for sufferers of back, elbow, shoulder, or wrist pain.

No more heavy liftng

  • Ultra-quiet Operation - Sit and stand without disrupting your and other's workflow, even under heavy loads.

Ultra-quiet operation

  • Heavy-duty Construction - Feel free to use multiple monitors and adorn your workspace with all the accessories you love with our 55-pound weight capacity.

Heavy-duty construction

  • Patented bracing System - Compared to other top electric risers on the market that pick-up speed as the riser lowers, only to crash onto the desktop and jostle whatever is on the riser, the FlexiSpot EM7 is thoughtfully engineered with a patented bracing system that ensures smooth and even operation, no matter the height.

Patented bracing system

  • Press is more - Don’t break your back trying to lift a traditional sit-stand desk. FlexiSpot motorized desk risers let you simply press a button to instantly go from sitting to standing. Plus, with a load capacity up to 55 lbs, you can confidently add all your favorite desktop essentials including 2 computer monitors, a full-size keyboard, mouse and more.

Press is more

Product Options/Accessories

Model EM7MB
Manufacturer Loctek / Flexispot
Part Number EM7MB
Color Black
Weight Capacity 55 lbs (25 kg)
Height Adjustment 4.7"-19.9" (120-505 mm)
Dimensions 35.8" W x 16.3" D (910 x 415 mm)
Monitor Size One screen up to 35"

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