Mounting Options
  • Desk Stand (4)
  • Floor Stand (1)
  • Chief (2)
  • Ergotech (1)
  • Ergotron (2)

Quad Monitor Stands

It is proven that you can get more work done faster and more comfortable with a multi monitor system. A quad monitor stand helps create an ergonomic environment for the user to toggle back and forth between screens and applications to complete the task. The extra comfort at the desk improves productivity and morality in the office environment. A monitor stand, however, has limited flexibility in adjusting vertical and horizontal reach of the monitors. For more articulation and flexibility for positioning of the  monitors, please see monitor arms.

Productivity:  Get Real-Time Result with Ergotron LCD Quad Monitor Stand

Getting more done has never been easier - or more comfortable.  Our human-centered designed place displays exactly where they are needed.  Toggling back and forth between documents and applications is reduced or eliminated with multi-display mounts, decreasing the time it takes to complete each task.  Ergotron's ergonomic solutions also create healthy computing environments-further complementing workflow efficiency.

Multiple LCD screens outperform a single monitor:

Statistics reflect increases in a dual LCD monitor, word processing application.  Depending on the application and configuration, increases can range between 5% and 100%.

Productivity Benefits vs. Percentage Increase
Fewer errors                        33%
Faster Edits                         16%
Quicker access to tasks       6%
Usability Benefit vs. Percentage Increase
Easier Task Tracking           45%
Faster Performance            32%
More comfortable                24%
Productivity gains through ergonomics:

Ergonomics research over the past 20 years has consistently shown that workstations adjusted to fit the user can result in an 18% productivity increase-whether one uses a simple-or multi-display configuration.  The need for ergonomically adjustable components becomes even more pronounced when several people share a space.  To maximize productivity, ergonomics should be part of the equation.